Brands on Metallized Paper


Brands on Metallized Paper


AR Metallizing works at the forefront of technological innovation in vacuum metallizing packaging.

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AR Metallizing, the leading global provider of specialty technical coatings for metallized applications.

The envelope that gets opened: AR Metallizing’s Rotoflex Response+®ARM Booth


After the success in the United States, AR Metallizing launches Rotoflex

Response+ to the European market, a metallized envelope that boosts response rates of Direct Mailing Campaigns.

A metallized envelope has a much higher opening rate than regular envelopes. Drop us a mail and receive a free sample of our Direct Mail campaign boosting envelopes. For more information click here.

Press release

4 January 2016

AR Metallizing Group Acquires Málaga Produtos Metalizados Ltda.

Málaga Produtos Metalizados will be a fully owned subsidiary of AR Metallizing. The acquisition has no impact on the jobs of the company’s 164 employees. Also the members of the Málaga family will remain active.

AR Metallizing, the world’s leading manufacturer of coated metallized paper for consumer packaging and labels, solidifies its leadership position by acquiring Málaga Produtos Metalizados, a high-quality manufacturer of consumer packaging and labels in Brazil. Today, Málaga Produtos Metalizados is the number one manufacturer in the Brazilian metallized paper market.

“Given its perfect location in the world’s fastest-growing beer market and its continuous innovations throughout the years, Málaga Produtos Metalizados is the perfect partner for us in order to continue to grow and to invest in our core business, worldwide. Together, we will strive to create the best products for our partners in Latin America,” says Dr. Bart Devos, CEO of AR Metallizing and Vice President of the Nissha Group.

AR Metallizing’s core market is consumer packaging and labels (wet glue labels, pressure sensitive labels, general labels and in-mold labels). Today, AR Metallizing supplies its innovative products to customers worldwide from production sites in Belgium, Italy, and the United States.

“With this development, our company will become a bigger global player. The strong innovative power of AR Metallizing offers our group a foundation on which we can continue to grow. For the family, our staff and our customers, it is a great opportunity to team up with AR Metallizing and to jointly work on R&D projects and to create innovative solutions for our customers,” comments Francisco Málaga, founder of Málaga Produtos Metalizados.

With the expansion in Brazil, AR Metallizing and the Nissha Group will increase its presence in the world’s growing market for labeling and packaging, reinforcing its solid and reliable supply chain for current and future customers in Latin America.

Junya Suzuki, President and CEO, Chairman of the Board of the Nissha Group adds, “With this strategic acquisition, the future in the Latin American market looks very promising. It gives AR Metallizing an opportunity to bring its innovative and sustainable products to an even wider audience.”

“We are excited to expand our global footprint. This acquisition will help us achieve our goal of being a global supplier with a local presence. It will improve our service, flexibility and drive future growth opportunities,” says Silvia Garcia-Luengo, VP Sales Manager for AR Metallizing in Latin America.

About AR Metallizing

AR Metallizing is a global metallized paper manufacturer. Metallized paper is a sustainable alternative to foil or film. Metallized products are used in the production of functional, barrier, cosmetic, labeling and promotional packaging products for major brands. Our industries include food, beverage, consumer packaging goods, entertainment and several other industries.

AR Metallizing enjoys a strong reputation in the market for its sustainable products. AR Metallizing is quickly earning a reputation for helping businesses and premium brands reduce climate emissions by replacing plastic packaging with great-looking, yet fully compostable packaging.

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About Málaga Produtos Metalizados

Málaga Produtos Metalizados was founded in the 1960s. Over the years, the company has proven to be an innovative, successful pioneer in vacuum coating in Brazil and became the number one player in the Brazilian market. The acquisition of the factory in Osasco offers a sterling opportunity for both Málaga Produtos Metalizados and AR Metallizing to expand their businesses.

For more information, please contact:

Henriëtte van Hedel

+31 6 303 97 830


Silvia Garcia-Luengo

VP Sales Manager for AR Metallizing in Latin America

+1 216 533 2945

AR Metallizing and UPM Raflatac Partner to develop Innovative Wet Strength Material

AR Metallizing and UPM Raflatac have teamed up to develop a superior Wet Strength solution for metallized beverage labels.   UPM Raflatac is an innovation leader in the Pressure Sensitive market and the Silvervac WSA material is yet another example of UPM Raflatac’s ability to deliver value added solutions to customers.   Silvervac WSA’s wet strength performance is unmatched in the industry and provides labeling confidence for beverage brand owners.  AR Metallizing is proud to be part of this development and our partnership with UPM Raflatac.   For more details on Silvervac WSA, please see the attached video.


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