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 Genk (Belgium), 30 January 2017

AR Metallizing’s SilberBoardTM rewarded again

AR Metallizing has been awarded Belgian National Champion status in the category Environmental and Corporate Sustainability of the European Business Awards thanks to its innovative and sustainable packaging board SilberBoardTM.

AR Metallizing’s SilberBoardTM is a great-looking yet fully sustainable packaging alternative to conventional plastic packaging. SilberBoardTM enables premium brands to get rid of plastic packaging and offers a stunning, fully recyclable and compostable board.

For this invention, AR Metallizing has been awarded Belgian National Champion status in the category Environmental and Corporate Sustainability of the European Business Awards.

In the weeks to come, AR Metallizing is taking part in the public vote, competing with companies from all over Europe.

Votes for AR Metallizing can be casted here on the Business Awards Europe website and help the company reshape the industry with sustainable packaging.

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Henriette van Hedel

+31 6 303 97 830

About AR Metallizing

AR Metallizing is the innovative world leader in the production of metallized papers and boards for flexible packaging and labels. AR Metallizing’s products are used in the production of functional, barrier, cosmetic, labelling and promotional packaging products for major brands. The company has manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Italy, Brazil and the US and employs a workforce of over 450 dedicated and enthusiastic professionals worldwide. AR Metallizing is a full subsidiary of the Japanese listed multinational Nissha.

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About SilberBoard

SilberBoard is a metallized paperboard and a fully sustainable alternative to the commonly used multilayer composite board comprising metallized polyester. SilberBoard has a distinctive eye-catching brilliant metallic finish and outstanding technical capabilities. As a result, SilberBoard enables premium brands to maintain their trusted look, while eliminating plastic films and providing an environmentally-friendly compostable packaging. Customers use SilberBoard to give a premium high quality look using an environmentally friendly package for greater shelf appeal to drive consumer engagement

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About the European Business Awards

The European Business Awards is Europe’s largest business competition. Since 2007, the European Business Awards has been shining a light on the most innovative businesses by promoting success, innovation and ethics in the European business community. In the 2015/16 Awards, the EBAs engaged with more than 32,000 organisations in 34 countries. An audience comprising heads of state, leading industrialists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, media owners and academics from across 34 European nations, congratulate the Winners of the EBAs. Participants represented a combined turnover of over €1.2 trillion euros and employed more than 2.7 million people.


AR Metallizing introduces SilberBoard™, a compostable board alternative to packaging

Franklin, MA – Your packaging has to be great, both in look and performance. That means it has to stand apart on SilberBoardHoloshelves and perform well, with ideally minimum impact on the environment. AR Metallizing’s SilberBoard offers a way to achieve a distinctive metallic finish on the packaging of your products with a compostable alternative to metallized PET board.


The environment plays a more important role than ever before in how consumers think about packaging, its design and the materials selected. SilberBoard from AR Metallizing is a responsible choice for packaging today.


SilberBoard is a metallized paperboard and a fully sustainable alternative to the commonly used multilayer composite board comprising metallized polyester. SilberBoard has a distinctive eye-catching brilliant, metallic finish and outstanding technical capabilities. As a result, SilberBoard enables premium brands to maintain their trusted look eliminating plastic films and providing an environmental compostable package.


Media attention for plastic pollution affecting lands, waterways, oceans and wildlife has led to increased consumers’ awareness of the impact of plastics on the environment. This is evident in current market trends as consumers’ favor environmentally friendly packaging. At the same time, packaging needs to look good, reflect brand values and remain functional.  For these reasons AR Metallizing has developed SilberBoard.

SilberBoard meets the requirements for a wide variety of consumer-packaged goods like beverage, food, personal care and laundry care products. Five different types of SilberBoard have been developed:

  • SilberBoard UltraShine enables premium brands in cosmetics, food and FMCG to launch successful premium strategies with a high gloss packaging solution.
  • SilberBoard WhiteBack has been developed to optimize FMCG, over-the-counter, personal care and food industries’ branding facilities. Due to a printable backside, this has extensive design and marketing possibilities.
  • SilberBoard GreyBack drives consumer engagement cost efficiently. This recycled board with an uncoated backside has been especially developed for the FMCG industry.
  • SilberBoard LightWeight is the greenest, premium packaging solution for lighweight folding boxes. It has been developed for the food, FMCG and over-the-counter industries.
  • SilberBoard Carrier carries premium food and beverages brands to the next level. It enhances shelf appeal and sets brands apart from competition on busy store shelves.

Curious to find out how your brand looks and feels when it is packaged with SilberBoard? Contact Wendy Cross, National Accounts Manager to have a free mock-up SilberBoard sample of your brand.


AR Metallizing Achieves ISO 9001 for its US Manufacturing Facility

AR Metallizing is proud to announce another milestone in the history of the company. Continuing in their commitment to excellence, AR Metallizing announces ISO 9001 certification for its manufacturing facility in Franklin, MA.

September 26, 2016, Franklin, MA – AR Metallizing is proud to announce another milestone in their commitment to excellence and to have received ISO 9001 certification. The certification covers the operations in AR Metallizing’s facilities in Franklin, MA.

AR Metallizing’s achievement implements a robust quality management system to guide and govern their operations from top to bottom. This certification is an important step in assuring their customers continue to receive the very best in quality and service from AR Metallizing.

“Achieving ISO certification underscores our commitment to quality and continual improvement,” says Jacky VandenEcker, Chief Operations Officer. “ISO certification is a natural extension of our commitment to sustainability and ensures our customers get high quality products and services. Our South American and European facilities are also ISO Certified making it possible to provide consistent quality globally.”

“With independent registration of our firm by an outside auditor DNV GL, you can be assured that we have committed to the highest standards in our operations, production, and management,” adds Bob Erchinger, Director of Quality Assurance.

About ISO

The ISO 9001 quality management standard was developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and establishes an effective quality management benchmark for companies of all types. Important components of ISO 9001 include customer satisfaction and establishing processes for continual improvement, topics that AR Metallizing values highly.

About AR Metallizing

AR Metallizing is the innovative world leader in the production of metallized papers, boards and films for flexible packaging and labels. Its products are used in the food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, entertainment and consumer goods sectors.

AR Metallizing’s products set a new standard for the premium packaging and high-end labeling industries.

AR Metallizing’s performance over the past 40 years has established that they consistently design and manufacture quality products, and this latest accomplishment verifies that the company is finely tuned to serve their customers into the future


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For more information, please contact Bob Erchinger, Director of Quality Assurance at or 1-508-541-7752

Interior & Design students win innovation prizes at AR Metallizing and VOKA entrepreneurship fair 

Genk/Mechelen, 15 June 2016

Laura Melis' winning entry Cold Pack

Laura Melis’ winning entry Cold Pack

Today, AR Metallizing, world leader in metallized paper production, awarded a VOKA Bryo scholarship and a stipend to Laura Melis, second-year student in interior and design at Thomas More College in Mechelen.

Innovative competition

Earlier this year, AR Metallizing, in association with Interior & Design instructors at Thomas More College, organized a competition for the best and most creative and innovative subject for a product in metallized paper. Many inspiring and artistic projects saw the light of day in less than four weeks.

Composed of instructors and staff of AR Metallizing, the panel of judges chose Laura Melis’ project out of some 32 entries. Laura designed an innovative and commercially viable cold pack of metallized paper for the direct cooling of sport injuries among other applications. Laura presented not only a strong, commercially viable product, but shared a good portion of knowledge with the panel of judges, which she had acquired from extensive market research.

Bryo ThomasMore_foto Luc Hilderson adapted

Laura Melis and Bart Devos. Photo: Luc Hilderson

The CEO of the internationally operating AR Metallizing, Bart Devos, who is rarely in Belgium, came to Mechelen especially for the award ceremony.

Other entries were also awarded.

Amongst others, Julie Blanckaert received a pecuniary prize for Tree Paper Tree, a project suitable for trade fair materials and booth layout.


Elke Van Casteren and Dominique Ter Braak each received a pecuniary prize for inventive flower seed bags made of metallized paper.

Danique Krijn and Simone van Rooijen were rewarded for their beautifully designed lunchboxes under the name of Green Box.

The winning designs will be shown at various international trade fairs attended by AR Metallizing in the coming months.

With the competition and related prizes, AR Metallizing wants to stimulate the creativity and entrepreneurship of young talents.

Julie Blackaert's winning entry, Tree Paper Tree

Julie Blackaert’s winning entry, Tree Paper Tree

Danique Krijn and Simone van Rooijen's winning entry: Green Box

Danique Krijn and Simone van Rooijen’s winning entry: Green Box




Worth repeating

20160225_Devos0826This was the first time that the competition was organised, but it is most likely it will not be the last.

Bart Devos, CEO of AR Metallizing: “Entrepreneurship, sustainability, inventiveness and creativity are highly prized at AR Metallizing. And we like to get others involved as well. You cannot stand alone as a company.

The cooperation with the students and the college turned out extremely well. We are very much impressed by the quality, professionalism and diversity of the entries by Interior & Design students. We will presumably organize such competitions more often!”

Thomas More College can also look back on fruitful cooperation with the internationally active AR Metallizing. Interior and furniture design lecturer Bart Baccarne: “It was a very instructive assignment for our students. We are always eager for new, sustainable materials. The students were given carte blanche for their creative process. It was a fruitful cooperation with AR Metallizing, indeed.”

Bart Baccarne, Interior and Furniture Design Lecturer, Thomas More College.

Bart Baccarne, Interior and Furniture Design Lecturer, Thomas More College.

“The process and fabulous result from the cooperation between AR Metallizing and Thomas More College is a source of

utter delight for us. It is a fine example of win-win situations that ensue from the cross-fertilization between education and business. As VOKA – Mechelen Chamber of Commerce, we vigorously endeavour to build bridges between the two. All proof provided in support thereof makes it clear to us and to the world that we are on the right track. Furthermore, it provides additional motivation to continue to invest in it,” says Frédéric Achten, general manager of VOKA – Mechelen Chamber of Commerce.

About AR Metallizing

AR Metallizing is the world’s leading manufacturer of metallized paper that is used in particular for labels and packaging of consumer goods. The company has production sites in Belgium (headquarters in Genk), Italy, Brazil and the United States. Innovation underlies the production process of AR Metallizing, which has led to advanced products.

Owing to its recyclable premium packaging, AR Metallizing was cited by De Tijd as one of the 50 most innovative companies in Belgium. Until recently, plastic was needed for the glossy packaging of premium brands. AR Metallizing developed an ecological and sustainable alternative in the form of paper on which a razor-thin aluminium layer – even thinner than the ink layer on a newspaper – is steamed. Unlike conventional products, this metallized paper is 99% biologically degradable.

About Thomas More College – Interior & Design

Interior and Design is a programme of study at Thomas More College in Mechelen. Young talent is trained to become interior designers or furniture designers. Mechelen has been a furniture city since time immemorial, whence the affinity with furniture, home accessories and product design, which is also purposefully perceptible in the programme of instruction. Design and Interior leads to the professional bachelor’s degree and immediate employability on the labour market.

The wide range of design disciplines and their crossovers, together with the focus on feasibility and viability, make this degree program a coveted partner for research, source of ideas and expansion of creativity in the discipline and in industry. A large segment of instructors from practice run a specific design agency themselves and are thus in the very thick of the field, for the direct benefit of the students.

About VOKA – Bryo: the springboard for effusive entrepreneurial talent

Bryo stands for ‘Bright and Young’. It is a network of young, passionate people ready to put their entrepreneurial ideas to practice. Bryo is a project of VOKA: A Flemish network of companies that provides advice and support to young people aged 18 to 36 with high potential and great entrepreneurial enthusiasm. The young entrepreneurs who take part in Bryo are advised and guided for two years in all the challenges and decisions up ahead, during and shortly after the start up or acquisition of their own business, individually or as an association.

Overview of all the winners

Proud winners of the AR Metallizing 2016 Design Competition Awards. Photo: Luc Hilderson

Proud winners of the AR Metallizing 2016 Design Competition Awards. Photo: Luc Hilderson

Press release 

4 January 2016

AR Metallizing Group Acquires Málaga Produtos Metalizados Ltda.

Málaga Produtos Metalizados will be a fully owned subsidiary of AR Metallizing. The acquisition has no impact on the jobs of the company’s 164 employees. Also the members of the Málaga family will remain active. 

AR Metallizing, the world’s leading manufacturer of coated metallized paper for consumer packaging and labels, solidifies its leadership position by acquiring Málaga Produtos Metalizados, a high-quality manufacturer of consumer packaging and labels in Brazil. Today, Málaga Produtos Metalizados is the number one manufacturer in the Brazilian metallized paper market.

“Given its perfect location in the world’s fastest-growing beer market and its continuous innovations throughout the years, Málaga Produtos Metalizados is the perfect partner for us in order to continue to grow and to invest in our core business, worldwide. Together, we will strive to create the best products for our partners in Latin America,” says Dr. Bart Devos, CEO of AR Metallizing and Vice President of the Nissha Group.

AR Metallizing’s core market is consumer packaging and labels (wet glue labels, pressure sensitive labels, general labels and in-mold labels). Today, AR Metallizing supplies its innovative products to customers worldwide from production sites in Belgium, Italy, and the United States.

“With this development, our company will become a bigger global player. The strong innovative power of AR Metallizing offers our group a foundation on which we can continue to grow. For the family, our staff and our customers, it is a great opportunity to team up with AR Metallizing and to jointly work on R&D projects and to create innovative solutions for our customers,” comments Francisco Málaga, founder of Málaga Produtos Metalizados.

With the expansion in Brazil, AR Metallizing and the Nissha Group will increase its presence in the world’s growing market for labeling and packaging, reinforcing its solid and reliable supply chain for current and future customers in Latin America.

Junya Suzuki, President and CEO, Chairman of the Board of the Nissha Group adds“With this strategic acquisition, the future in the Latin American market looks very promising. It gives AR Metallizing an opportunity to bring its innovative and sustainable products to an even wider audience.”

“We are excited to expand our global footprint. This acquisition will help us achieve our goal of being a global supplier with a local presence. It will improve our service, flexibility and drive future growth opportunities,” says Silvia Garcia-Luengo, VP Sales Manager for AR Metallizing in Latin America.

About AR Metallizing

AR Metallizing is a global metallized paper manufacturer. Metallized paper is a sustainable alternative to foil or film. Metallized products are used in the production of functional, barrier, cosmetic, labeling and promotional packaging products for major brands. Our industries include food, beverage, consumer packaging goods, entertainment and several other industries.

AR Metallizing enjoys a strong reputation in the market for its sustainable products. AR Metallizing is quickly earning a reputation for helping businesses and premium brands reduce climate emissions by replacing plastic packaging with great-looking, yet fully compostable packaging.

For additional information, please visit

About Málaga Produtos Metalizados

Málaga Produtos Metalizados was founded in the 1960s. Over the years, the company has proven to be an innovative, successful pioneer in vacuum coating in Brazil and became the number one player in the Brazilian market. The acquisition of the factory in Osasco offers a sterling opportunity for both Málaga Produtos Metalizados and AR Metallizing to expand their businesses.

For more information, please contact:

Henriëtte van Hedel

+31 6 303 97 830


Silvia Garcia-Luengo

VP Sales Manager for AR Metallizing in Latin America

+1 216 533 2945


AR Metallizing presents innovative sixpack packaging at BrauBeviale ’15

AR Metallizing, the global manufacturing leader of metallized papers for labeling and flexible packaging, will be present next week at BrauBeviale 2015 (Stand 517 Hall 4A, November 10-12).

AR Metallizing is well reputed in the market for driving innovation, acting effectively and responsibly across the supply chain with its high level of specialized expertise. AR Metallizing’s drive for innovation and sustainability is reflected in the broad range of high-quality fully compostable papers that will be on exhibit during BrauBeviale. Come by our booth, Stand 517 Hall 4A, and ask about our thermal retention features.

A key benefit to AR Metallizing’s paper is the environmental impact is substantially lower than the impact of conventional alternatives like foil. Unlike foils, AR Metallizing’s papers are fully recyclable and compostable.

Together, these qualities make AR Metallizing’s paper an ideal product for innovative, cost-conscious and environmentally aware breweries and beverage companies. Come visit and see for yourself!

About AR Metallizing

AR Metallizing is the global leader in metallized high-end packaging solutions for beverage, food, consumer packaged goods and personal care industries supplying many of the world’s largest consumer goods companies.

Every day, millions of consumers in over a hundred countries pass AR Metallizing’s materials through their hands, on beer and spirits bottle labels, food and consumer goods containers, and many other products.

Investments have resulted in high-quality innovative products and best environmental practices. AR Metallizing is well reputed in the market for driving innovation, acting effectively and responsibly across the supply chain with its high level of specialized expertise.

Thanks to its global presence and overseas production facilities, AR Metallizing acts – since its foundation in the mid 70s – as local, reliable and trusted supplier to its customers.

To found out more, see

About BrauBeviale 2015

From 10 to 12 November BrauBeviale in Nuremberg (Germany) features the latest developments and trends in raw materials, equipment, technologies, logistics and marketing for beer, water and other beverages.

This year BrauBevial expects to gather nearly 1,150 exhibitors and more than 37,000 industry professionals.



For more information, please contact

Henriette van Hedel

+31 6 303 97 830

Nissha Takes Over AR Metallizing

Franklin, MA – The Japanese multinational Nissha Printing has taken over AR Metallizing, the world leader in the production of metallized paper for labels, Nissha’s roots date back to 1929.  The multinational is listed on the Tokyo stock exchange and highly reputed for its technological leadership.  Dr. Bart Devos, CEO of AR Metallizing, is very satisfied with the takeover,  “Given its solid position in developing innovative printing technologies, Nissha is the ideal partner of AR Metallizing.  This is a sterling opportunity for both companies to capitalize on each other’s specific technical and commercial knowledge.  With this new shareholder, the stable and promising future of AR Metallizing is secured for the coming years.”

Junya Suzuki, CEO of Nissha Printing states, “I am excited to start working with colleagues from AR Metallizing, and I cannot wait to see they synergetic effect between Nissha and AR Metallizing.  This is going to be the most powerful chemistry.”

AR Metallizing is the market leader in the production of metallized paper for the use in the food, beverage and consumer packaging goods industries.  Its core market is labeling, with special focus on beer labels.  The Group supplies its products to over 270 customers in more than 80 countries from three production sites in Belgium, Italy and the United States.  Bart Devos explains,”Our products are recognized in the market for their aesthetic appearance, functionality and printing friendliness.  As sustainability becomes more and more important in our line of industry, the environmental impact of our products is also a very important feature.”

Belgium business newspaper De Tijd recently listed AR Metallizing as one of the 50 most innovative companies in Belgium for its recyclable premium packaging.  Until recently, plastic was still needed for the glossy packaging of premium brands.  AR Metallizing offers ecological and sustainable alternative paper, however, on which a razor-thin layer of aluminum is steamed, even thinner than the ink layer on a newspaper.  Unlike conventional products, this metallized paper is 99% biodegradable.

Over the past years, AR Metallizing’s management team has successfully driven the Group’s growth.  The American company Vacumet was taken over, operations expanded in South America and new products were added to the product portfolio, including the ecological laminated metallized paperboard.  Investments in world class operations, market leading R&D and new products have further solidified AR Metallzing’s position as the global market leader that serves a continuously growing customer base across the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

Nissha Printing expects the AR Metallizing Group to grow further, thanks in part to the sustainability of their products. AR Metallizing aspires to continue to grow and invest in its core business, particularly labels.  As Bart Devos explains, “We have a good market position, great products, skilled and enthusiastic employees, a large customer base and reliable suppliers.  With Nissha Printing, AR Metallizing will be able to tap new markets and strengthen its position in its core market (labelling) further.”

The takeover has no impact on employment for the company’s 284 employees.  Bart Devos and other key executives will stay on.

AR Metallizing produces eco-friendlier paper than its competitors

New patent for the world leader in the production of metallized paper

Genk, Belgium – Both Belgium and Italy recently granted a new patent to AR Metallizing to protect their production technique for multi-layered laminated and metallized paperboard.  this invention had already been recognized earlier by the Netherlands Patent Office.

The laminated paperboard of AR Metallizing is an environment friendly and inexpensive alternative to the current glossy packaging materials for consumer goods.  It derives its strength from a combination of different thin layers of cardboard or paper with a razor-thin metal top layer.  Thanks to this laminate lay-up, the paperboard is lighter and few raw materials are used.  The new invention is moreover fully biologically degradable and recyclable: unlike conventional packaging materials, no plastic or foil is processed.

The patent has been granted after a three-year procedure where AR Metallizing’s paperboard and production technique were tested for novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability.  Production has already started.  The laminated paperboard is in the meantime used for many different applications such as luxury packaging for champagne, Disney films and Kleenex tissues.

Originated in Belgium, AR Metallizing is the world leader in the production of metallized paper and of of the fastest growing companies in Belgium.  The growth is due to the international expansion and takeovers, as a result of which the company now has 3 production sits, in Genk (Belgium), Casalgrasso (Italy) and Franklin, MA (USA). The second growth engine is the research and product development.  AR Metallizing already held 14 patents, and has now added a new one, with two other applications for patents currently pending.

AR Metallizing is an Industry Award Winner!

Franklin, MA – AR Metallizing is proud to announce that we were recently honored with an AIMCAL award in the Category: Other – Technical Award for Broncochem packaging.

AR Metallizing, located in Franklin, MA, won the Technical Award in the Other Category for our custom holographic metallized paperboard laminate for cartons of the Broncochem cold remedy line from Laboratorio Magnachem Internacional, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Printed by Padilla, the end result is a gorgeous luxury package that draws attention on the store shelves while enhancing Broncochem’s brand identity and discouraging counterfeit for the top-selling cold medicine in the Dominican Republic.

To learn more about this custom holographic package click here.

AR Metallizing Wins French Packaging Oscar

 Genk-Belgium – AR Metallizing (ARM), the world leader in the production of metallized paper for the packaging,food and beverage industry, has won the prestigious Oscar de l’Emballage [PackagingOscar]in France for the best product in the Paper and Cardboard category.

AR Metallizing won the Oscar de l’Emballage for its environment-friendly metallized paper with ultra gloss look intended for the packaging of consumer goods. Unlike conventional material, the ARM metallized paper contains no plastic film and is consequently significantly more energy efficient to process, while no concessions are made to the glossy appearance of the packaging. AR Metallizing paper is 100% recyclable and biologically degradable. In this way, AR Metallizing helps hundreds of companies in the FMCG sector every year to minimise their ecological footprint.

These high-quality innovations have made AR Metallizing one of the fastest growing companies in Belgium. In a few years’ time, the turnover of AR Metallizing has more than tripled. The company has 3 production sites in Genk (Belgium), Cassalgrasso (Italy) and Franklin (US) where more than 300 employees in all work. AR Metallizing metallized paper is used for more than 20 billion environment-friendly packaging boxes, from champagne to toothpaste.

The French periodical Emballages Magazine organizes the competition of the Oscars de l’Emballage annually.

AR Metallizing are Experts in Creating Shelf Appeal

Franklin, MA – The Craft Beer business is getting to be a busy, busy place. How can a brewery stand out amongst the crowd? By enhancing their shelf appeal so the beers catches the eye of the customer. The shiny metallic finish of VacuBRITE® paper makes graphics pop. Transparent inks can transform colors to beautiful jewel tone qualities that shimmer and reflectivity catches light. This results in creating interest to a customer standing in front of a crowded store shelf. “VacuBRITE® metallized paper creates this visually appealing effect and enhances a beer label in a way that no other paper packaging is able to do”, says Rick Maksian, New Business Development Leader. “Our Creative Services can create a mock up so brewery could see what their beer label could look like on our VacuBRITE metallized paper, and see the difference our metallic paper can make.”

It has been proven that AR Metallizing’s metallized papers are able to connect with consumers on a subconscious level with a NeuroMarketing study. The research was commissioned from Nielsen NeuroFocus, a NeuroMarketing company. NeuroMarketing is a fast-growing field that measures consumers’ subconscious responses to brands, products, packaging, in-store marketing and advertising. The majority of the decisions that impact product interest, intent and loyalty are found in the subconscious and AR Metallizing was very interested in what consumers’ had to say about metallized paper.

The research AR Metallizing commissioned was white paper vs. metallized paper and between these two packaging material drive the strongest purchase intent? AR Metallizing metallized paper labels were shown that compared to plain white paper to have an increase “lift” due to giving a aura of “Higher Quality” and “Distinctiveness” and it constistently outperformed white paper.  The results were netted from the Neurometics of Attention, Emotional Engagement, Memory Retention, Purchase Intent, Novelty and Awareness.   This research shows using metallized paper to enhance your shelf appeal to reach out to new customers and get them interested in your product.

For more information and a sample kit, click here to send a request.



Let AR Metallizing’s Expertise in Unique Labeling Solutions Enhance Your Craft Beer

The craft beer industry is a growing market that has increased 9.6%[1] in 2013. How can a craft brewery stand out in an ever-growing market? What can a craft brewer do to help himself stand out on a crowded store shelf, without taxing their budget? AR Metallizing can help create brand recognition with their metallized paper beer labels.

“AR Metallizing has worked with the beer industry with award-winning results for over 25 years, says Tim Maher, New Business Development Manager, and in this time we have assisted in creating several iconic brands using their VacuBRITE® metallized wet strength label paper.” “With the diverse options microbrews are bringing into the market, the microbrewers need unique labeling solutions to be able to stand out, AR Metallizing can help with this.” Metallized paper can enhance a beer label so it catches the consumer’s eye and peaks their interest shopping for a new craft brew. Utilizing AR Metallizing’s Creative Services, a craft brewer can see what their label would look like on metallized paper. AR Metallizing’s Creative Services has vast knowledge on creating the best blend of opaque white ink and transparent color inks to make your label art pop off the shelf.

AR Metallizing has a plant conveniently located in Franklin, MA as well as 2 plants in Europe located in Genk, Belgium and Casalgrasso, Italy, enabling AR Metallizing to have the global strength to help grow your business. Contact us for a consultation, sample kit and see how AR Metallizing can enhance your brand.

[1] 2014 State of the Industry Results by Technomic

AR Metallizing creates The Look That Sells™ while having minimum impact on the environment

The environment plays a more important role than ever before in how people think about packaging, not only the design, but also the materials selected. Marketers and designers have long known that the look of precious metal has a dazzling effect on sales. Metallized paper labels from AR Metallizing are a great choice to enhance a beer label.   AR Metallizing’s metallized papers offer a way to achieve a distinctive, metallic finish on the packaging of your beer with only a fraction of the aluminum content and without any films or foils.

“AR Metallizing’s metallized papers are a great way to enhance your brand while still being environmentally ARM Beer Green Msg lowresresponsible as the papers are fully recyclable,” says Tim Maher, New Business Development Manager. AR Metallizing’s metallized paper may be re-pulped alone or with other paper-based laminates. Thus creating brand recognition while still being conscious of environmental impact.

AR Metallizing can create brand recognition of your craft beer with its metallized paper while also being free of heavy metals and with only a fraction of the aluminum (700 times less) versus foil laminates. This means that creating a beer label that can stand out and catch the consumer’s eye while being environmentally responsible feels as good as a cold brew on a beautiful summer day.   AR Metallizing’s metallized papers are created on a base of white paper with an extremely thin layer of metallic coating, only 0.00003 mm thick, offers the highest yield per square foot compared with films, foils, and metallic inks.

Interested in learning more about how AR Metallizing can create the look that sells for your beer label? Contact Rick Maksian, New Business Development Leader for a consultation, sample kit and our sustainability pdf. AR Metallizing is creating the maximum impact in the craft beer market with a minimum impact on the environment.

For more information and a sample kit, please contact ARM.

AR Metallizing and Ommegang Brewery Wins a Pewter Award in the 26th Annual Gold Ink Awards

OmmegangSizedFranklin, MA, October 30, 2013– The 26th Annual Gold Ink Awards by Printing Impressions Magazine is the most prestigious printing competition for the graphic arts industry. 2013 winners were chosen among thousands of entries received from around the globe and submitted in nearly 50 different categories. Winning pieces surpassed their competitors based on print quality, technical difficulties, and overall visual effects.

Ommegang Brewery won the Pewter Award for the rebranding of their line of beers in the labels category. Duffy & Partners created the new logo and label design giving the labeling a unified branded look. Flower City Printing contributed by choosing a metallizing paper by AR Metallizing to achieve a luminous effect wanted for the new labels. The end result, a shimmery elegant line of beer labels that gives a unified branded look that showcases the old world look of craft beers.

For more information:

Gold Ink Awards –

Ommegang Brewery –

Flower City Printing –

Duffy & Partners –

ARM launched new Pressure Sensitive Metallized Label paper in Europe

ARMetallizing has launched a high quality metallized labelstock material in Europe. The material, in the USA well known under the trade name VacuBRITE™, is now being available from the European sites in Casalgrasso, Italy. With the European product, named “Rotoflex PSL”, AR Metallizing now offers metallized labelstock on global scale.

The product launch is exemplary of the intensive technological exchange program between ARM’s different sites, following the acquisition of Vacumet’s activities in the US. Moreover, it shows ARM’s ambition to ‘locally serve global customers’.

VacuBRITE™ / Rotoflex PSL are specially designed PS labelstock papers. The very smooth and high gloss premium metallized surface is printable by most common printing technologies and guarantees a premium metallic look and excellent print graphics. The qualities are also available with a large range of standard hologram pattern. In addition AR Metallizing offers custom made hologram solutions.

In order to support an integrated approach for the Pressure Sensitive Label market, Jost Orichel has been appointed as global lead. He will bring together all ARM’s expertise, covering year-long technical know how in this area, knowledge of distribution in close to hundred countries and special graphic design capabilities.

For more information, please contact:

Jost Orichel,

Sales Director



AR Metallizing NV

Woudstraat 8

B-3600 Genk



Sustainable Metallized Paperboard Laminate from AR Metallizing

A Sustainable Alternative to Film and Foil

Franklin, MA — The environment plays a more important role than ever before in how people think about packaging, not only the design, but also the materials selected. Metallized paperboard laminate from AR Metallizing is a great choice for packaging today. AR Metallizing’s metallized papers offer a way to achieve a distinctive, metallic finish on the packaging of your products with only a fraction of the aluminum content and without any films or foils. GenericToothpasteCartonB

Today metallized boxes consist of a first grade board with a smooth surface laminated to metallized PET film. ARM’s metallized paperboard laminates are made of low-grade (recycled) board laminated to a 53gsm thick metallized paper. The smoothness of the paper will cover the low surface quality of the board. Downgrading the board’s quality will result in a significant cost savings. Lowering the total weight of the box is a second cost savings opportunity. Why? Metallized PET film does not add any stiffness, 53gsm long fiber paper does. First grade board with 10 gsm of clay coat is less stiff then its uncoated recycled alternative.

Certification by the Centre Technique du Papier in Grenoble, France has proven ARM’s metallized paperboard laminate is 100% re-pulpable in contrast to only 91% for the traditional metallized film laminates. The reason for this is that the re-pulping plant will sieve out the polluted pulp. In case of metallized film laminates, a minimum of 9% will be contaminated foil waste that can only be placed in a landfill or incinerated at a high cost. In the case of ARM’s metallized paperboard laminate, the initial pollution[1] will be only 3%. Once further analyzed, this 3% consists of long fiber pulp that can also be re-used as pulp.    With metallized paperboard laminate, there is no landfill waste or CO2 generation. Each kg of non re-pulpable waste generated by metallized PET will after incineration result in 1.15 kg CO2.

Converters will also notice an increased efficiency[2] in their production lines when running metallized paperboard laminate as compared to metallized PET. Metallized paperboard lamination runs faster due to better reel tension management. The use of metallized paperboard lamination also results in a reduction in the glue curing time, a savings on oven energy. There is less waste in the production process when using metallized paperboard laminate because this product runs like regular paper not like film. And lastly, the die cutting process is faster because of the fact that the knife is cutting through paper not film. This also yields a lower knife consumption rate.  Lastly, ARM’s metallized products are printable in nearly all technologies, including conventional offset, heliogravure and flexo. As such, it avoids the additional and costly adding of an overlay coating on PET

Another advantage of AR Metallizing metallized paperboard laminate is this same sustainable technology applies to the HoloPRISM® holographic metallized paperboard. AR Metallizing has won numerous awards with various projects using HoloPRISM holographic metallized paperboard. End Users can have stronger brand identity and greater shelf appeal using AR Metallizing line of holographic and metallized paperboard laminates while still being environmentally responsible.

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[1] Sommerville Classification

[2] Based on a period of 18 months industrial application, with regular comparative testing