Sustainable packaging

There's packaging, and then there's packaging that makes a difference. We create sustainable, flexible and ecological packaging that tests boundaries.

Differentiate your product on the crowded retail shelf

Metallized General Labels for CPG packaging from AR Metallizing provide a great visual that helps your product stand out in the crowded store shelves. The end result of using metallized paper for your brand is an incredible eye-catching power that is hard to miss and makes for an attractive label that helps brand your product as a premium brand.

The Look That Sells™

AR Metallizing VacuBRITE® paper has been shown to connect with consumers. Interview tests and Neuroscience based studies have shown metallized labels connect with:

  • Intent to buy
  • Sense of premium product
  • Sense of improved value of product

AR Metallizing general metallized label paper has diverse end user applications. Such as food, household products, pet care, dry goods – powder, liquids and chemicals.

Metallized paper is an easy option to work with

Metallized Labels from AR Metallizing are printable in Rotogravure, Flexography, web and sheet fed press. ARM metallized labels are printable with UV or conventional inks. Printers can use readily available inks, including white to optimize visual effects.

Ecological Food Packaging

Lamination Solutions

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