We wrap your story

We wrap your story

Hi, we are AR Metallizing, a global leader in metallized packaging & labelling solutions

Our packaging solutions

Art of metallized paper

We proudly craft metallized paper to provide premium brands with high end packaging and labelling solutions.


Don't just tell your story. Sell your story. Stand out in the competitive beverage market with our award-winning wet strength labels.

General no longer needs to mean generic. Distinguish your general strength labels with looks that are guaranteed to get noticed.

It’s the most frequently used labelling method. Why not make a statement with a metallic look?

Efficient and durable, yes. But what about beautiful? Our solutions for In-mould labels have it all.

Our metallized envelopes turn direct mailings into a desirable package cranking up readers’ excitement.

More joy of giving.

Our metallized gift wrap paper makes giving gifts more fun with rich looking silver and even holographic effects.

Our metallized food wrap paper is a perfect ecological alternative for traditional food packaging with foil.

The ultimate upgrade.

The perfect solution to upgrade the unboxing experience for consumers. Ideal for online retailers.

Same look, 0% plastic. Our metallized boxes enable premium brands to maintain, or even improve, their trusted look and feel, without the use of plastics.

High shelf attractiveness.

Shiny metallized packaging and wrapping help attract the consumer’s attention, while raising a product’s image to premium status. Discover our range of metallized film products.


What's your story?

You want to be instagrammable. We have the right solution for you. Stand out from the crowd with sensorial experience and innovative design.