The brilliant layer ™

The brilliant layer ™

AR Metallizing is the leading, global manufacturer of metallized packaging & labeling solutions


Our metallized solutions

We proudly manufacture metallized paper and foils

Our products are used all over the world to give labels and packaging a premium, high-end look.


The original.

Offer premium wet strength label looks that come without a premium price tag.

We proudly craft metallized paper to provide premium brands with high end packaging and labelling solutions.

Our metallized packaging solutions enable premium brands to maintain, or even improve, their trusted look and feel, without the use of plastics.

Elevate general labels.

General no longer needs to mean generic. Our products help general labels take center stage.

Our metallized films offer the design versatility that brands are looking for, with all the functionality that makes using them easy for printers and converters.

Integrated appeal.

Efficient, durable, but also beautiful. Our in-mold label solutions have it all.

Eco-friendly alternatives to traditional multi-layer materials.

Our papers are ideal alternatives to multi-layer materials and offer the alluring, metallized looks preferred by consumers.


Metallized innerliners & sealable innerliners for tobacco products.

Metallized paper for reel-to-reel lamination to board

Recyclable, high gloss metallized paper, optimized for reel-to-reel lamination to board.

Sustainable metallized wrapping paper.

Our configurator is worth a thousand words

How can we help?

If you have questions about our products, what we do, or if you'd like to know how we can help you, drop us a message, and we'll be in touch.