Alternatives to metallized papers

Alternatives to metallized papers

Metallized papers are just one option for incorporating metallic looks onto labels and packaging. What other technologies are there, and what benefits do metallized papers offer in comparison? 

We're passionate about metallized paper and the functional, aesthetic and technical benefits it offers our customers and the supply chain.

That said, alternative technologies also offer a number of advantages. Today, we explore metallized PET film as an alternative to achieve metallized packaging and labels. We also explain why, how and when alternative methods can be convenient.



Polyester film is metallized directly with no coatings. All performance properties (gloss, flexibility, printability) are the result of raw polyester. This film contaminates any papers and boards onto which it is laminated, requiring separation of waste streams of raw materials.

Some benefits include that it is a 'one-size-fits-all' in that 48 gauge polyester is the standard and widely available. MetPET applications can provide the lowest cost option for a metallic visual appearance.

MetPET applications require high end quality boards for lamination (virgin SBS or similar) for proper appearance. It has a good gloss appearance but this can be dependent upon quality paper/board substrate it is laminated onto.

Gluing can present challenges and requires mechanical score to facilitate good sealing and bonding. MetPET can also pose some challenges with folding performance due to "memory" and it therefore can require more adhesive or stronger adhesive.

In our FAQ "What is the difference between metallized paper and PET film", you will find more information between the two techniques and you will be able to download our white paper with more details.

So why choose metallized paper over MetPET?

Metallized papers offer a solution to achieve the distinctive, metallic finish on packaging with only a fraction of the aluminum content of traditional foils.
Our metallized papers take their gloss from various sources: the paper itself, the aluminum layer and a top coat which moisturizes the paper – neither of which hamper the recycling process which makes our metallized papers environmentally friendly and offer excellent recyclability.
Our overall production process has a very low-waste ratio again giving us an better overall environmental footprint compared to other metallized product options.
Being paper, our product scores easily and conforms to the intended final shape and construction requiring less adhesives similar to paper applications.