AR Metallizing launches a digital configuration tool for direct mail envelopes

AR Metallizing launches a digital configuration tool for direct mail envelopes

Back in February we launched a configuration tool on our website which allows users to experience first-hand the benefits that our metallized papers can add to their direct mailing campaigns. The configurator will be especially useful for brands that manage large or country-wide direct mail campaigns in the US.

Metallized paper envelopes can support brands boost direct mail response rates by as much as 30%. The visual appeal and tactile allure of our papers positively influences direct mail recipients to open the envelope and consider the offer inside.

The envelope configurator allows users to experiment with designing a direct mail envelope using AR Metallizing’s products. Users can choose between three different types of holographic finish or a high shine, metallic look. The configurator also allows the user to add a logo, giving brands interested in AR Metallizing’s products the opportunity to personalize and envisage how their direct mail campaign envelope could look and how our finishes can add advantages to their campaign. 


Driving innovation

‘We’re keen to continue to drive innovation within our industry and incorporate the right digital tools which give distinct benefits to our customers and their partners,’ says Bart Devos, AR Metallizing’s CEO. ‘Our envelope configurator is a perfect way for us to offer these features. Direct mail envelopes made from our metallized paper have been proven to significantly boost response rates, and we wanted to facilitate the process by which brands learn more about why our products are ideal for direct mail envelopes and experience some of the attractive designs and visual appeal that supports this boosted response rate,’ adds Bart.

One of the main drivers for incorporating the envelope configurator into AR Metallizing’s website was to allow users to experience the eye-catching looks of our papers in a way that was centred around ‘show, not tell’.  

Helping customers better understand the benefits of metallized paper

‘We want to take the experience of our papers to our potential direct mail customers, showing them the benefits of our products first-hand. If a company is interested in our products or running a direct mail campaign using our metallized papers, they can design an initial mock-up envelope on our website and download a digital prototype. We believe that no other firm in the paper industry offers these configuration possibilities,’ adds Bart.

While direct mail is commonly used around the world, it is particularly popular in the US, where a number of industries use it on a regular basis. Direct mail can typically be small and localized operation or can be a cross country campaign. The USPS sent 7.7 billion pieces of marketing mail in 2019 alone.

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