AR Metallizing’s HoloSECURE line for anti-counterfeit capabilities

AR Metallizing’s HoloSECURE line for anti-counterfeit capabilities

Counterfeiting is a big problem for brands today, not only bringing losses to companies but also causing significant reputational and operational risk.

With the sophistication of counterfeiters increasing, reports of losses due to imitation products are on the rise.  According to the Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging Market from MarketsandMarkets, just last year saw a forecast of $128.6 billion relating to economic damage and the associated risks of companies having their products copied and circulated for purchase. 

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How do anti-counterfeit measures support companies?

Incorporating anti-counterfeit measures into packaging can:

  • Reduce reputational risk
  • Support profits
  • Give consumers peace of mind that their purchases are legitimate

Counterfeiting and risk

Counterfeiting is a huge risk for companies, and one that goes well beyond copying designer handbags or luxury goods. There are particularly significant risks for health and beauty companies, pharmaceutical businesses and the companies that produce items like supplements and vitamins. Any counterfeiting of such products can have extensive consequences that go well beyond damaging a company’s bottom line: risk to health if phony products are circulated in the wider market is a real possibility. When thinking about drugs and medications, counterfeited products can severely affect health; it isn’t an over exaggeration to say that health and wellbeing of consumers are real concerns and considerations.

AR Metallizing’s HoloSECURE for anti-counterfeit capabilities

There are several ways companies are upping the ante when it comes to making changes that help stop counterfeiters copying products. SMART packaging, track-and-trace capabilities with improved technologies and phone apps to provide more content and verifications. In addition to these brands can protect their investments with AR Metallizing’s line of holographic security paper called HoloSECURE. 

By combining a variety of methods, unique holographic images are created to provide an added level of security to a product or document.  These images are very difficult to imitate or copy and cannot be photocopied or easily reproduced.  The holographic images provide a visual cue to both the retailer and the consumer, protecting both from accepting fake goods. 

Utilizing a one-of-a-kind HoloSECURE pattern, companies are better able to protect a product’s authenticity and guard their investments.  

Holographic patterns


The holographic images attract customers allowing more time to convey a marketing message, and they can be used in conjunction with SMART packaging and track-and-trace technologies for added levels of security.  As a monomaterial, paper product, HoloSECURE can be converted much like white paper and recycled.   It can be slit, sheet cut, embossed, laminated or backed with adhesive for different applications including stickers, labels, folding cartons, and other packaging.  Your customers will be certain that they’ve purchased the real thing when you protect your investment with HoloSECURE.


Benefits of our HoloSECURE line:

  • Supports customer engagement: eye-catching, unique holographic designs are likely to draw customers eyes for longer in store, supporting sales
  • Adds visual appeal and one-of-a-kind looks
  • Our HoloSECURE paper is eco-friendly and recyclable
  • HoloSECURE is print ready and optimized for converting machinery