Beauty revolution: cosmetics and skincare packaging

Beauty revolution: cosmetics and skincare packaging

The beauty industry is notoriously competitive, not just for brands, but for their partners on the supply chain, too. 

Where there is competition, there is undoubtedly opportunity. The cosmetics and beauty industry is growing rapidly. Breaking into the market is challenging, and brands are thinking about packaging concepts and packaging materials carefully. Brands are coming to printers and converters with a packaging concept and looking for advice on the materials that are suitable for their needs. 


Printers and converters supporting brands with packaging concepts

Printers and converters who can interpret brand's wider packaging vision and provide innovative ideas and solutions are increasingly in demand. Sustainability is  becoming more essential than ever when it comes to packaging.

'For brand owners, especially emerging and new players in the cosmetics and beauty sector, packaging and word of mouth are the key to draw attention in the market. Cosmetics rely on being attractive and alluring – packaging has to support that notion, not detract from it. Brands are looking to material producers, designers, printers and converters for provide stunning packaging to achieve its vision, without letting go the sustainability mission.'

Rosa Lin, Sales Manager, AR Metallizing.

For brands which have the packaging concepts, but not in fulldesigns phase yet, partnering with innovative and forefront printers and converters are eye-opening and present opportunities for both parties. Brands may not be aware of all the materials available to them for packaging, and what's possible. Players in the supply chain that can offer the most exciting and innovative materials – especially those that appeal to lucrative markets like millennial and Gen Z – are likely to win more business from brands in the long-term.

How is metallized paper ideal for cosmetics packaging?

Metallized paper is perfect for cosmetics packaging even if sometimes it can be overlooked as material choice. While our products are already widely used in the labelling industries, at the same time, we are ready to support the beauty industry by laminating our metallized papers to board and made boxes for products like face creams, serums, perfumes and gift boxes. On top of all the aforementioned aspects, it is also a solid compatible solution that can be easily recyclable.

'Where our metallized papers come into our own is when customers are browsing stores with low product awareness but high intent to buy. These consumers are highly likely to be attracted by metallized products because they're eye-catching and alluring on the shelf as a premium product. Consumers are likely to consider these products more than 'plain' counterparts."

Make up

"Brands absolutely want materials that make their products stand out on the shelf. This explains the widely use of metallized polyester film in the market for the cosmetic packaging. What makes metallized paper stands out is its compatible esthetic appeals, pair with the recyclability requirement as it is a fiber based, mono-material.  Printers and converters which can offer these materials to their customers are likely to generate interest because it's exactly what brands are looking for to comprehend their sustainability commitment," adds Rosa. 

Technical considerations

Technical considerations are also crucial: if brands want to use certain types of material, they want assurance that it will be functional.

For cosmetics boxes, a high-quality finish with excellent dead fold is essential. The finish also has to be sturdy: while design and shelf appeal take center stage, packaging has to protect the product inside. For high-end products that are likely to be stored in boxes, the longevity of the finish is a consideration.

'Brands like metallized paper because it offers the required metallic shelf appeal and functionality such as light barrier in equal measure. It's also great news for printers and converters as  metallized paper runs like standard wet strength paper on their machinery, keeping printing and converting processes efficient. Lastly, it's a great product for brands and consumers to understand: paper base material isn’t a whole new  concept to try and understand or explain to procurement, which is appealing in its own right,' adds Rosa.

Metallized paper board packaging


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