Differences between metallized cast-coated and metallized C1S papers

Differences between metallized cast-coated and metallized C1S papers

There are very distinct differences between metallized cast coated vs a coated one-side material. Today we will look at some of the differences and benefits of each.

Let’s start with the paper making process and then metallizing process:

Coated one-side base paper

In most cases, coated paper manufacturers apply a clay coating to the paper after being formed on the wire. The coating is applied with a roll or knife to create a smooth coated paper finish. During this process, the machine’s rollers end up smoothing the back side of the coated sheet, providing a smoother uncoated back side in comparison to a cast coated sheet’s back side.

The metallization process of a coated one sided base paperbegins with a pre-coating layer, followed by the metallization process and will finish with a post-coating layer to ensure a completed metallized product.

Cast coated base paper

In this process, the coating isn’t always applied by the paper manufacturer. The initial coating is applied with a system that includes a heated drum roll that provides a smoother coated finishing. However, while using this heated roll, the water evaporates (or escapes) from the backside of the paper which makes the back-side rougher compares to the metallized paper with coated one-sided base paper.

A cast coated base paper, metallization can be performed directly on top without a pre coating layer due to the earlier coating process applied and finished with a post-coating layer.

Visual Appearance

Visually speaking there  is a key difference that come from both manufacturing procedures. 

Coated one-sided metallized paper has a richer, more metallic silver effect. The cast coated metallized paper can appear milky or cloudy due to the lack of pre-coating but has a higher gloss level. 

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Labeling performance

Both coated one-side metallized paper and cast coated metallized paper have excellent label performance. Cast coated metallized paper is particularly stable in wet conditions and curls inwards hugging the bottle. 

Coated one-side metallized paper is also stable in wet conditions but curls outwards if it's not manufactured in a proper way. AR Metallizing’s coating expertise allows us to manufacture coated one-side metallized labels with strong stability and exceptional lay-flat properties. 


How easy is it to switch from cast coated?

Truth is, if you’re currently using a cast-coated metallized paper, it won’t be easy to find an exact identical performing material in the market for substitution due to its limited supply chain. You’ve chosen this excellent top of the shelf metallized paper because of its gloss level and its ability to hug the bottle during the labeling process.

Coated one-side metallized is an ideal alternative because it’s the closest to match your requirements and needs. Many brands previously using cast coated metallized paper has successfully switched to AR Metallizing’s metallized label products. Adjustments do need to be made to the adhesive during the labeling process, but AR metallizing and its team can help to support and provide direction during this transition.  

Common metallized paper structure
Common metallized paper structure


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