Exploring the adaptability and technicality of our metallized food wraps and food bags

Exploring the adaptability and technicality of our metallized food wraps and food bags

AR Metallizing produces a specialized product, which is formulated to offer the technical and functional benefits required for direct food contact food wrap and food bags

Our metallized paper continues to look great even under the challenging scenarios that come with direct food contact: moisture build-up, grease and extreme temperatures, for example. Our products, therefore, directly assist food producers, or restaurant chains present a wrap that appropriately symbolizes the quality of their brand.

Product versatility

Our food wraps can be used for a variety of different purposes. Our paper is metallized on one side but is suitable for direct food contact on either the metallized or non-metallized side. Some customers use the metallized side in contact with food, and others use the metallized side on the outside for added visual appeal.

In the US, our food wraps are either made into food bags which are pre-constructed, or as pre-cut sandwich wraps. Our papers are typically used by quick service restaurants  and grocery stores that offer take out options. An advantage to the metallized paper, is it provides functionality, as a barrier, retaining or holding in heat keeping food warmer longer. Another advantage, sincepaper is a porous material, it allows for some moisture absorption, helping preserve the crispness of food. Hot sandwich foods when enclosed can create moisture and condensation which can lead to their breaded bun and toast companions to be less desirable and wilted.  

In Europe, our metallized paper is used differently. We see higher demand using it for wrapping cold cuts and fresh deli meats when purchasing from the supermarkets.

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Functionality and advantages

Our metallized papers for food bags and food wrap:

  • Is eco-friendly and can be recycled
  • Offers heat retention properties like current foil lamination structures. The result is that using VacuBRITE food wrap keeps food fresher and warmer for longer
  • As a porous material, VacuBRITE food bags and wraps allow for breathability in the packaging drawing moisture away from food and ensures food remains attractiveand crisp
  • Metallized papers offer optimal thermal insulation and can be used with foods that are heated to high temperatures
  • Can be printed on, allowing brands to add logos, branding and imagery


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