Food bags: keeping food crispy and warm

Food bags: keeping food crispy and warm

Food delivery boomed in 2020, with the trend set to continue well into next year. But the sector comes with its own unique set of challenges, including:

A highly local and time-sensitive supply chain: restaurants and retailers have to prepare an order, ship it and hand it over to the customer in a very short time span (usually 30 minutes to an hour).

Last mile logistics: you obviously can’t leave perishable goods in a mailbox or on a doorstop in the sun. Successful delivery involves careful coordination between retailer and consumer.

Food quality: soggy fries followed by melted ice-cream isn’t anyone’s idea of a good meal. Delivery companies have to work to ensure food is delivered in perfect condition. 

Recyclability: food delivery usually calls for a certain amount of disposable packaging materials. Unfortunately, traditional food multi-layer packaging containing aluminum and foil are difficult to recycle.

AR Metallizing’s metallized paper for food bags offers competitive heat retention and thermal properties while keeping food crispy by supporting moisture emissivity. It’s also a sustainable alternative to multilayer packaging. Find out more here

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