Holographic Paper

Holographic Paper

Holographic paper & board: eye-catching and secure

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Custom holography, when only the best is good enough

Our Creative Services team can produce holograms to fit your design requirements. The team is here to help you with any of your projects from start to finish.  Custom holography can be created to differentiate your package, providing unique shelf appeal. Prototyping, creating white ink layers, photography, and more.

Custom holography types

Why brands ♡ Holography

Holographic packaging combines stunning design possibilities with counterfeit protection.


Holographic brands stand out on store shelves.

Protect against counterfeit

Unique physical properties add authentication power and security features to packaging and promotions.

Standard or custom

Standard as well as fully customized designs are possible.

Covert imagery

Covert imagery is invisible to the naked eye. Allows for an even higher level of brand protection.

Custom and standard holography design available

Wrap your brand in three dimensional holographic paper and paperboards for eye-catching shelf appeal as well as protection against counterfeiters. Enjoy a custom design or select from our extensive library.

Standard holography

We’ve got you covered with our extensive library of holographic patterns. 

Below are some popular selections:

Meet the team

We are here to help

Our creative team is here to help fulfill your customer’s needs from start to finish.  We can help you visualize how your product looks on our paper with our prototyping service. Get us the artwork, and we will make it shine. Our services include: prototyping, creating the white ink layer and photography of the final product.

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