International Women’s Day 2020: An equal world is an enabled world

International Women’s Day 2020: An equal world is an enabled world

Manufacturing companies like ours typically have strong male workforces. While we are no different – the majority of our employees are male, AR Metallizing has actively worked towards a gender balanced leadership at a senior level. We have always believed that this would benefit the company and enable us to seize more opportunities that would benefit the global team.

Not only is striving for equal gender leadership the right thing to do, a more balanced team brings advantages to a business. We knew that a balanced leadership team would help strengthen our company in the long-term and as a result, some years ago when our CEO joined the firm, he moved to actively implement a strategy that would bring equal numbers of men and women into senior positions.

We’re delighted to have made excellent progress with a mixed team at senior level – an achievement that is the ‘new normal’ and one that we are dedicated to ensuring continues into the future.


Women are strongly represented in AR Metallizing’s Executive Team

Our in-house Research and Development team is a majority of women. We’re delighted to have championed a female team of experienced scientists and chemists who work for us in-house on pioneering projects. We’re immensely proud of the innovative work the team does for our company and the dedication with which they forge new solutions for our customers.

Women also lead our Global Sales, Marketing and Business Development teams, successfully working with our end users, converters, printers and other partners in the supply chain. Often the ‘face’ of our company, the team is frequently the first point of contact for both new and existing customers and their suppliers. With significant technical and industry knowledge, the team are key in supporting the business by bringing in new leads and customers.

Our global finance and internal operations teams are a mix of both men and women, in what can traditionally be more male dominated sectors.

While we are incredibly proud of our female colleagues, we also believe in championing our team as a whole. AR Metallizing’s motto, ‘The Brilliant Layer’ is central to our outlook and our belief that it is all our employees working together that takes us to new heights.

We’re proud to offer equal opportunities as an employer. We recognize that an equal world helps us perform at our best, and we will continue to prioritize balanced leadership well into the future.  


International women's day Italy
On Friday, our Casalgrasso (Italy) team celebrated International Women’s Day by giving each female employee flowers. From left to right: Francesca Minozzi, Back Office, Laura Gonella, Planning and Elisa Bertinetto, our new Logistic Assistant