Key takeaways from 2019's PACK EXPO Las Vegas

Key takeaways from 2019's PACK EXPO Las Vegas

Exciting new developments, the latest trends and packaging requirements: takeaways from PACK EXPO Las Vegas 

Earlier this week, AR Metallizing's Lindsey Barbee attended PACK EXPO in Las Vegas. Here, she lays out some of her key takeaways and she lays out some of the trending topics in today's the packaging industry:

Sustainable & Smart packaging

Sustainability remained a trending topic at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, with participants presenting different solutions for eco-friendly and recyclable packaging materials which can help mitigate potential environmental impact. Overall, the increased sustainable packaging solutions available shows that consumers continue to look to brands to use eco-friendly packaging options and at the same time, companies are happily embracing the greener materials available to them.

Smart packaging also remained high on the expo agenda. While smart packaging and sustainable packaging aren’t necessarily new trends, a particularly interesting takeaway from the conference was that they are increasingly interlinked. Consumers are looking to brands to deliver the perfect mix of both in their packaging, and companies supplying packaging materials of all types are really tapping into this demand to deliver the required solutions.

Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency also remains a key consideration for different players in the packaging supply chain, not just from a sustainability perspective, but also when cost and overall efficacy are considered. If we take packaging finishes as an example, the narrative in the space is that printers, converters and the brand that has commissioned the packaging wants to use a product that runs as effectively as possible. Substrates that create excessive waste that can’t be recycled, or materials which could be better optimized on printing and converting machinery are losing out to products with enhanced operational performance.

Quality and customer service remain key

All players in the packaging supply chain continue to require quality and great service from the partners they work with, and despite the packaging sector’s continuing development and innovation, these traditional values continue to be sought-after in the industry. Businesses in the packaging sector who are dedicated to delivering both, remain in high demand.

An evolving landscape that continues to present opportunities

Overall, PACK EXPO 2019 underlined that the packaging sector continues to be innovative and forward-thinking: there are exciting new developments, solutions and products available, as the industry continues to evolve in exciting ways.

Pack Expo 2019 - Las Vegas