Metallized paper: benefits for designers

Metallized paper: benefits for designers

Switching to metallized paper comes with several benefits. Not only is it a sustainable, 100% recyclable monomaterial, it’s also easy to convert, durable and adaptable to a variety of packaging and labelling applications. But designers also appreciate the flexibility and ease of use that comes with metallized paper. 

Quite simply, working with metallized paper is as straightforward as working with regular paper. Metallized paper is vaporized with a microscopically thin layer of aluminium, meaning that it maintains the lightness of its base material with an added glossy texture. Designers can therefore continue to work with a familiar material, while exploring vibrant new looks and effects. 

The material’s printability is another big plus for creative teams. Again, no need for any major shifts: metallized paper can be printed with conventional inks, enabling designers to play with different layers of opacity to create different effects. Low opacity will create an eye-catching, glossy look, but brands that prefer more subtle, muted looks can opt for higher opacity or total coverage for a solid surface.

Holography is another option for packaging that stands out on the shelves while protecting its contents from counterfeiting. AR Metallizing offers an extensive library of holographic designs. What’s more, our creative team collaborates with brands to create looks and effects that are unique to them.

In short, metallized paper is a great way to obtain a premium, high-end look with maximum versatility and little disruption to existing processes. To find out more, get in touch with our team.