Food Wrap

Food Wrap

Our metallized food wrap options are a perfect sustainable alternative for traditional food packaging with foil.

Experience this in 3D

Our metallized paper effectively blocks infrared (IR) radiation. Thus improving the shelf life of the product and increasing thermal properties. Or in layman's terms the metallized structure ensures your product stay warmer for an extended period of time. Consumers will enjoy your product exactly the way you want them to.

  • Quick Service Restaurants

Let us inspire you

We have asked a leading packaging design agency to create a brilliant example of a food wrap made of our metallized paper. Then we developed a unique interactive 3D viewer so you can experience the appeal for yourself. Bon appetit!

Food wrap

Burger clamshell

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  • Strong heat retention properties
  • Desirable moisture emissivity
  • Designed to withstand the demands of the QSR industry


  • Extensive design possibilities
  • Nurture brand connection
  • Stand out from the crowd


  • Print-ready end-product
  • Special applications available
  • Increased thermal properties


Index Value
AR Metallizing Pro support Included
Weight Up to 85 gsm
Custom Colors
Available in UltraShine
Available in Holographic
Available two sided coating
Reverse gloss
Print methods Gravure, Offset, Flexography
Ink advice included
Delivery Rolls
Recyclable 100%
Physical Prototype On request
Augmented Reality Prototype On request
Other finishes and options Contact us

Benefits for printers

Metallized paper helps you cater to a broader range of brands and customers by offering a wrapping solution that's more commercially valuable and attractive. Even better is that you can do it without needing to change your printing infrastructure. Our paper:

  • Suitable to nearly all printing press equipment
  • Optimized to perform well with a large variety of inks
  • Performs efficiently on printing presses to maximize impressions per minute
  • Provides excellent surface characteristics for printing
  • Is eco-friendly

Benefits for convertors

Our metallized paper helps you reach new customers in the best way possible. Our papers are easy to work with, operationally efficient and help your clients boost their sales. Our paper helps you to:

  • Improve entire waste streams
  • Support market entry in the minimum timeframe
  • Provide a reliable supply chain which also affords you flexibility when you need it
  • Is eco-friendly

Benefits for brands and quick services restaurants

Eliminate foil laminates that are difficult to decompose in landfills. Reduce your ecological foot print by switching to a sustainable alternative, while improving your consumers’ experience. Our food wraps are loved by brands and quick services restaurants as they:

  • Offer functional properties such as heat retention
  • Differentiate your brand and products from the competition
  • Convey to consumers that brand is of high quality
  • Nurture brand connection
  • Support market entry with successful launches of new brands
  • Improve entire waste streams


Variety of widths

Available in different widths to support the converting base

Excellent printability

Ideal surface to ensure excellent printing definition and clarity

Supports fast market entry

A reliable supply chain which also affords you flexibility when you need it

Easily interchangeable

Metallized papers print more efficiently than laminated structures


Quality closely monitored through production process to offer reliable, high quality product

Safety and reliability

Meets all standard industry and regulatory requirements


Strikes the perfect balance between economy and quality


A sustainable and recyclable alternative to film and foil laminations

Great looks

Leave a lasting impression with a wrap that has a smooth, high gloss surface

Our food wrap offers both extensive design options and great technical benefits.

FAQ about Food Wrap

  • At AR Metallizing, we produce metallized paper for food grades that ranges from 56 gsm to 85 gsm. It is compatible with all contemporary printing techniques such as offset, rotogravure, UV and flexography. It offers a surface that is ideal for interaction between the paper and ink, which gives excellent printability, great definition and clarity and no dye bleeding on the final product.

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  • As a kid, did you ever condense your breath on a mirror? We did. The art of metallizing is very similar.

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