The place of paper in a changing world

The place of paper in a changing world

What is the place of paper in a changing world? We explore the innovative ways that paper is helping solve some of the world's biggest problems, and the place of paper in the future.

It’s a question those in the paper industry are asked often: what is the place of paper in a changing world? In today’s landscape, especially when new and innovative products delight customers, what does paper have to offer? After all, isn’t paper just…paper?


How, and why will demand for specialty papers like ours grow?

In short, the shift towards sustainability is driving demand. Brands and consumers want glossy, premium looks for packaging and labels that are recyclable, eco-friendly, and preferably, made from sustainable sourced materials. Materials that are tricky to recycle and cause 'contamination' (where two different materials are used in a single application that can't easily be separated) are increasingly less popular choices. 

As the narrative around sustainability and recyclability has become more important brands have also started to think more about what it is they need for the long-term: a sustainable material with a variety of technical properties that is visually appealing to consumers.

The solution isn't complicated, in fact, we've been producing it for decades. Eye-catching, recyclable and with all the technical characteristics needed for modern packaging and labels, our metallized and holographic papers may not be a new solution, but they still continue to present significant benefits in a changing world. 


Technical benefits of metallized paperE-commerce litho laminated box

We’ve been in the metallized paper business for more than 40 years. What's exciting is that we’re still innovating our products – developing and testing how they can be used to address some of the toughest questions of today: how can we use sustainable materials in food packaging and still reduce food waste? How can brands retain the looks associated with price point, and yet move towards recyclable, sustainable packaging?

Beyond supporting brands to offer the premium and glossy looks and sustainability, metallized paper has a number of technical qualities which make it an ideal product for packaging. High light barrier, optimum MVTR, resilience to extreme (at both ends of the scale) temperatures, flexibility, invisible seams on applications like litho lamination, operational efficiency and zero landfill operations are just a few of the technical benefits our product portfolio offers.