Selecting an ethical packaging partner: what questions should you ask?

Selecting an ethical packaging partner: what questions should you ask?

In the age of both brick-and-mortar and unboxing videos, people are drawn to packaging with high impact… Except when it comes to the environment. Luxurious looks, innovative design and eye-catching colours make your products stand out on the shelf (or screen), but in this day and age, your sustainability commitments are what makes consumers take the leap. It’s worth keeping in mind that over 50% of younger consumers are prepared to spend 10% more on environmentally friendly products. 

However, switching providers isn’t a light undertaking. What should you keep in mind when choosing an ethical packaging partner?

1. What are their products made from? 

This one may seem obvious, but some materials are touted as more recyclable than they actually are. Recycling multilayer materials containing plastics and foils can be technically possible, but involves complex and energy-intensive processes. In the US, only 8.7 % of plastic products are recycled. Paper, on the other hand, is a fully recyclable base material that can be transformed using processes such as metallized vacuum vaporisation for technical benefits that are comparable to less eco-friendly materials.

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2. How are their products sourced?

Recyclability shouldn’t be your only concern when seeking to improve your environmental commitments. It’s also important to ensure packaging products have been sustainably sourced. When working with paper, make sure that it’s FSC-certified, which guarantees materials have been sourced from responsibly-managed forests that meet high environmental and social requirements.



3. Are their products compliant with your existing processes?

Ensuring that the products you opt for are compliant with existing printing and converting machinery can help streamline your switch to sustainability. At the same time, opt for a packaging supplier with a long-term approach and policies in place to support the companies they work with.


4. Do they offer a wide selection of products?

Here at AR Metallizing, we offer packaging products and materials based on fully recyclable, FSC-certified metallized paper. Our monomaterial labels, card stock and food wrap are suitable for a wide range of applications. To find out if metallized paper is right for your company, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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