Semi-custom hologram

Semi-custom hologram

What is a semi-custom hologram? It is a poster and/or larger size hologram where you can take just section of hologram to fit your artwork.  Semi-custom holograms can be an excellent way to get a custom look without starting from scratch.  Say you need a wave, you can grab a piece of pattern 491 in the center to get a wavy look, need rays? Grab a section of pattern 972.  Do you just want the imagery on the front of the package? Combine it with rainbow or silver for the other side of the package to get it even more unique. 

AR Metallizing has several poster size holograms that parts can be taken and create a semi-custom print to register hologram.  Here are some examples of our poster size holograms that you can use to create a semi-custom hologram.

semi-custom holo


How to create the semi-custom hologram:

  1. Prototyping a section of the hologram. If that is the look you’re going for then we would then we move on to set up preparing that.
  2. Create the 1 up master to approve before we step out to the press sheet layout. 
  3. The press sheet layout is a file we need from the printer so that we can set up the hologram exactly on the sheet where the printer needs it to be for the press run.  We set up the file to match the file the printer has given to us (with bleed to account for 1/32” movement)
  4. We then send you a pdf of the file set up to the printer and you to get approval before getting the tooling made to run the machine. 
  5. We metallize one of the shim tooling to send to the printer to ensure it looks how it should
  6. Once approve then the paper is made and then sheeted according to the sheet size and sent to the printer for printing.


Example of a semi-custom hologram set up for print to register print job.
Example of a semi-custom hologram set up for print to register print job.


The end result is a swoon worthy product that is sure to catch the consumer’s eye.  Interested in seeing your brand on holographic pattern? Contact Kizzie Suriel at for a prototype of your brand on our holograms.


semi custom holo