What role does sustainable packaging play in boosting brand equity?

The EU has set ambitious recycling targets for 2030, and these targets will particularly affect packaging. So which European countries are leading the way, and what can we expect next?

2019 has been an exciting year for the packaging industry, but as we near the end of the year, what do we expect to see as the top 2020 packaging trends?

Paper is one of the most inherently sustainable materials that exist today, but aside from industry experts, people aren’t always as well-informed of the ecological advantages as of paper as a sustainable material as we are. So how can the supply chain help change these perceptions?

Black Friday has gone global, and shoppers are increasingly heading online to make purchases. So how are brands using packaging to stay competitive in the e-commerce space?

The AR Metallizing team attended BrauBeviale, a leading European trade show that brings together key suppliers from across the beverage production process chain.

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