Using transparent and opaque inks with metallized papers

Using transparent and opaque inks with metallized papers

The combination of printed designs on metallized papers elevates packaging and labels to their full potential.

Using opaque inks on metallized papers will offer a solid, bold appearance to printed imagery. Conversely, transparent inks will give a shiny, glossy shade.

Different ink opacity also presents very different results: ink coverage at lower opacities (10%, for example) will allow the metallized paper to shine, presenting eye-catching looks. Higher percentages of ink coverage give the metallized paper more coverage, presenting more muted, subtle looks.

The design of what is to be printed often determines what inks should be used with metallized papers. Use of either transparent or opaque ink types can create a vivid, three dimensional-like appearance.

Various metallic intensities and metallic colour effects are achieved with 4-color printing.

Using 100% opaque white creates a pristine, bold and solid white surface as required. Opaque black inks can also be used for maximum effect.