What does the future hold for cosmetics packaging?

What does the future hold for cosmetics packaging?

Being stuck at home for much of 2020 doesn’t seem to have lessened consumers’ interest in looking good, with the cosmetics and beauty market projected to reach more than $648 billion in 2026. A notoriously competitive industry means that beauty brands and their partners have to go the extra mile when it comes to creating products that appeal to consumers, from both a performance and a packaging point of view. With that in mind, here are some beauty packaging trends that we’ll be seeing more of in 2021:

Boxes are back

The recent e-commerce boom has probably had more impact on cosmetics packaging than anything else over the past few decades, with “unboxing” now an integral part of the customer experience.

Bespoke, branded packaging not only adds visual appeal, it also enables companies to build customer loyalty, raise brand awareness and potentially reach new markets through social media shares. Ordinary corrugated packaging not only looks dull, it’s also difficult to customise, which is why metallized litho lamination top sheets, which can be easily printed upon, are gaining in popularity. 

An otherworldly appeal

Metallic looks are also bang on trend. The trend forecasting agency WGSN predicts that “otherworldly aesthetics” will be popular in 2021, which means we will probably be seeing a lot of packaging with silvery, iridescent finishes, glossy metallic surfaces and holographic effects for added supernatural appeal.

Plastic-free packaging

A survey by a major American personal care brand recently found that 58%* of male consumers worldwide consider “plastic waste” a very important issue, while other companies have announced they intend to significantly reduce the amount of plastic in their packaging. Fortunately, giving up plastic doesn’t mean sacrificing shelf-appeal or performance: metallized paper offers comparable benefits in terms of barrier properties, durability and visual “wow factor”.

Being part of the solution

It indeed comes as a surprise to no-one that sustainability will be at the forefront of consumer preoccupations in 2021. While consumers, brands and their partners are increasingly focused on preserving the planet for future generations, some confusion remains about what sustainability actually means. Over the years to come, cosmetics companies should aim to use high quality recyclable materials while being open about their sustainability commitments and providing their customers with valuable information about recyclability issues.

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