What gift wrap trends can we expect this Christmas?

What gift wrap trends can we expect this Christmas?

It may be only August, but as we all know too well, Christmas has a habit of creeping up on us. As consumers look forward to their summer holidays, brands and convertors are already starting to think about how to bring some festive cheer to their packaging. With this in mind, here are some seasonal gift wrap trends to expect for 2021:

Going green(er)

Greenery has always been a key feature of the Christmas season. This year, we’re likely to see people celebrate the beauty of the natural world by decorating their packages with foraged eucalyptus, pine and fir twigs. When it comes to wrapping paper, consumers are turning away from composites containing non-recyclable foils, opting instead for more sustainable paper-based materials.

Daring colours

Kraft paper may be sustainable, but it isn’t exactly festive. December is traditionally associated with rich shades such deep reds and foresty greens, but also “winter wonderland” silvery blues as well as hints of gold. Metallized gift wrap is just as recyclable as plain paper, but with many more options when it comes to finishes, designs, patterns and colours.

Sparkle and shimmer

Nothing says Christmas quite like twinkling fairy lights, but the good news is it’s possible to get the look without wrapping presents in strings of LEDs. Holographic designs are popular all year round, but even more so during the holiday season, when they enable brands to add extra Christmas cheer with seasonal snowflake and champagne bubble patterns.

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