What’s the difference between holographic paper and holographic hot stamping foils?

What’s the difference between holographic paper and holographic hot stamping foils?

Both metallized holographic paper and holographic hot stamping foils look fantastic...so what's the difference and are there any advantages of using one or the other? 

AR Metallizing’s holographic metallized paper gives similar effects to holographic hot stamping foils.
Both holographic hot foils and holographic metallized papers look fantastic on packaging, label, and
graphic applications.

So, if they both look so good, what’s the difference, and are there any advantages between the two different technologies?

Holographic paper

One of the advantages of our holographic paper is that holographic hot stamping is generally used as an accent or highlight on a packaging application, which means it’s added in specific parts and areas.

Comparatively, our metallized holographic paper is already part of the material the packaging is going to
be made from, i.e. it is the label material, or the holographic paper is laminated onto board, which is then
converted into a package, for example.

While it’s a small detail, when it comes to packaging design, it gives end-users a lot more flexibility. For example, an end-user can decide how much of the holographic effect they want to show. They can ‘tone down’ the holographic effect by using different ink opacity over the top of the holography.

Transparent inks can give different, jewel-like effects and make the holography ‘pop’ even more.
Different grades of holographic paper can either be used directly for a packaging application or label, or the paper can be laminated onto board. Our papers are easy to print and convert. Our holographic paper range can provide additional effects that are not easy to recreate with hot stamping, because end-users can use different inks to give unique looks.

Our holographic papers can even be hot stamped to add an extra-special ‘wow’ factor.

Hot foils

Holographic hot foils are applied using machinery which uses heat and pressure to ‘stamp’ the foil onto a substrate (often using a heated die). Holographic hot foils can generally be used with paper or plastic

Holographic hot foils can be used to add visual appeal, or for anti-counterfeit measures. Once a substrate has had the holographic hot foil added, the area of the hot foil is generally not printed on, given it is often the ‘centerpiece’ of the design.

How do our holographic papers compare to holographic film and foils visually?

We’re fans of transparency, so we’ll put this right out there: both holographic foils and metallized papers look fantastic. Our holographic papers can be superior in ​brightness, clarity and quality to some metallized films and foils. In other cases, holographic foils might give superior looks, depending on the product, substrate and quality of the film or foil.

Our team are always happy to give samples and mockups to potential customers who would like to
compare different types of holographic applications, in order to see what technology is best suited to their application.