great food deserves a great wrap

food wrap
The sustainable alternative

Improve your consumers’ experience, while reducing your ecological footprint.


Quick services restaurants




Give your consumers a great experience, while reducing your ecological footprint.

Our food wrap paper offers both extensive design options and great technical benefits.

Through the thin metallic layer, infrared (IR) radiation is effectively blocked, increasing shelf life and enhancing thermal properties.



Metallized papers are fully recyclable and are made from a natural resource as opposed to foils and laminates.

High Gloss

The high gloss appearance instantly makes your product noticed.

Improve consumer experience

Our metallized paper effectively blocks infrared (IR) radiation. Thus improving the shelf life of the product and increasing thermal properties. Your consumers will enjoy your product exactly the way you want them to.

Food Wrap




Loved by Quick Services Restaurants

A food wrap made from metallized paper increases the shelf life of your products. Increased thermal properties ensure your product is enjoyed exactly as it was meant to be.


Delight your customers

Improve your customers’ experience with a great looking wrap that enhances your products’ unique qualities.  Surprise your consumers!


Special applications available

We offer packaging material which combines barrier, IR protection while being heat sealable. Ideal for applications such as yogurt lids and pouches.

Benefits for Printers

Metallized paper is an easy option to work with. It runs like regular paper and is printable in nearly all technologies.

Benefits for Brand owners

Eliminate foils or environmentally damaging laminates. Reduce your ecological foot print by switching to a sustainable alternative, while improving your consumers’ experience.

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