metallized gift wrap for an unforgettable gift

gift wrap
more joy of giving

Giving gifts is more fun when wrapped inĀ  gorgeous paper.

Let your gift be an unforgettable experience and wrap it in rich looking silver or holographic papers.


Gift Wrap




Become an unforgettable gift giver and wrap your presents in rich looking silver or holographic paper.

Let your gift be unforgettable and create a unique look that matches your present.

Our in-house creative team offers the support you need to create your wrapping paper.

Easy to process

Our metallized and holographic papers run like any regular papers and are easy to process.

Extensive design options

To ensure you can differentiate your gift by your wrapping paper, our gift papers offer countless design options. Enjoy different printing techniques and an extended color palette when choosing our gift wrap paper.

Custom gift wrap

We specialize in creating unique, festive and seasonal looks that match your exact needs.

Holographic wrapping

We offer custom and stockĀ  holographic designs to create an unforgettable look.


All our gift wrap papers are free of plastics and fully recyclable.

Gift wrap


Chances are, you’ve already received a gift that was wrapped in our paper. Find out more on gift wrap paper here:

Loved by top gift wrap companies

Gift wrap made from metallized paper has distinguishing qualities which makes it a preferred material for top gift wrap companies around the globe.

Delight your consumers

Gift wrap enhances the story of the gift. Metallized paper is highly qualified to meet that objective. You’ll delight your consumers!

Custom or stock holographic finish available

Our in-house team of experts not only understand the art of designing a great gift wrap, we also have a deep understanding of the technical requirements.

Benefits for Gift Wrap Companies

Extend your collection with high-quality and unique papers. Team-up with us and increase the joy factor of your customers. Let them become unforgettable.

There is almost no limit to what we can do. We offer full design support or work with your ideas. Whether you have a special theme in mind for your giftwrap presentations or simply want to select from our stock, we work to fit in with all your plans to offer a fresh, ever-changing palette of giftwrap patterns to ensure success.

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