custom and stock holography design available

holographic paper & Board
eye-catching and secure

Wrap your brand in three dimensional holographic paper and paperboards for eye-catching shelf appeal as well as protection against counterfeiters.


This product is available on an extensive range of our metallized papers and boards. Enjoy a custom design our select from our extensive library.



The craft of holographic design can take the story of your brand to even higher levels of engagement.

why brands ♡ Holography

Holographic packaging combines stunning design possibilities with counterfeit protection.

Our holographic paper truly embodies our vision to wrap and protect your story while increasing consumer engagement.


Holographic brands stand out on store shelves.

Protect against counterfeit

Unique chemical and physical properties add authentication power and security features to packaging and promotions.

Stock or custom

Stock as well as fully customized designs are possible.

Covert imagery

Covert imagery is invisible to the naked eye. Allows for an even higher level of brand protection.

holographic paper benefits


Brighter than white

Consumer associate the “brighter than white” reflectiveness of holopgraphic finishes with high quality and value.

Attention-grabbing movement

Holographic movement has enhanced brightness to draw a consumer across the aisle. The movement leads to a “pick-me-up-and-investigate” response.

Surreal color palette

Holographic finishes offer real and surreal color palette

Patented process

Unique-patented process with quality control

Perfect for high volumes

High speed, high volume process

Extensive library

Extensive library of patterns and unique imagery

Custom design possible

Work with our in-house team for a custom holographic design
Holographic technologies contribute to increased sales, enhanced collectible value and stronger brand identities.
our holography experts are here to help

Design patterns
custom or stock

Choose a pattern from our world-class library or have our experts create a custom holography design for your brand.

custom holography, when only the best is good enough

Custom holography can be created to differentiate your package, providing unique and one of a kind shelf appeal. Our Creative Services team can produce holograms to fit your design requirements.

custom holography types

We offer the following types of custom holography:

Kinetic/Surface Diffractions Gratings

These patterns are made up of “rainbow” diffraction images.  They create colorful effects and motion.

White Motion Holography

These patterns are more of a diffused, white effect rather than bright rainbow.

No Color Holography

This effect is generated with a proprietary technique and provides designers alternatives to surface diffractions and white motion holography. This can provide a more subdued, elegant look for a customer’s project.

2D/3D Holography

These holographic images demonstrate true depth based on the spacing of different layers of flat artwork.

3D Holography

These are true, full three-dimensional holograms created from a one-to-one scale model.

custom holography examples

A few more examples of custom holographic treatments:
Custom design using 2 different techniques; no color holography for RO and kinetic/surface gratings for background and back page.
Semi-custom pattern created using an existing kinetic design and customizing it for the book cover.
Custom pattern created using kinetic/surface gratings for ornaments and white motion for background.

A few stock patterns

Looking for the most cost effective holography or do you need results in a short timeframe? We’ve got you covered with our extensive library of holography patterns.

Below a random selection of our stock patterns:

Pattern 50 "No Color Tiny Glitter"

Pattern 54 "No Color Large Glitter"

Pattern 216 "Denim Dots"

Pattern 217 "Fairy Dust"

Pattern 231 "Shear"

Pattern 232 "Carousels & Rainbow boxes"

Pattern 233 "Quarter Inch Carousels"

Pattern 242 "Hyper Plaid"

Pattern 246 "Fragments"

Pattern 247 "Cracked Ice"

Pattern 249 "Champagne Bubbles"

Pattern 440 "Lens"

Pattern 696 "Pillars of Light"

Pattern 877 "Rainbow"




Above are just a few samples of our huge library.

Many more patterns are available upon request.

Contact us for more patterns



protect your brand with patented technology

brand protection


Protect your brand with our patented tamper-resistant technology.

Secure Holographic Imagery

Let us help you with our patented HoloSECURE technology to create a hologram for security purposes.

HoloSECURE papers are designed with unique chemical and physical properties to add authentication power and security features to packaging and promotions.

Secure Covert Imagery

Covert imagery is invisible to the naked eye. Only when illuminated with a specific laser light does it become visible. The hologram is coded to respond to the light and project a unique image or code. AR Metallizing patents this type of presentation. Counterfeiters offering strong evidence of tampering or fakes easily overlook these covert features.

Covert imagery offers the following benefits:

  • A more complex hologram – very difficult to simulate
  • Higher level of brand protection – strong connection to package art
  • Extremely difficult to alter – cannot be easily duplicated

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