metallized envelopes for effective direct mailings

direct mail envelopes
increase response up to 30%

Our metallized envelopes turn direct mailings into a desirable package cranking up readers’ excitement.


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metallized envelope benefits

Our award winning metallized paper is the secret behind those eye catching metallized and holographic envelopes.  You’ll be delighted by the industry leading high gloss and surface smoothness levels.
Aside from holding together the contents until delivered, an envelope has only one job: to get opened.

Our metallized paper for envelopes does just that: thanks to an  incomparable brilliance and reflection,  it turns direct mailings into a desirable package .

Response Booster

Clients report an increase of up to 30% in response rate compared to similar direct mailing campaigns with non-metallized envelopes.

Stunning Effects

The extensive and unbeatable design opportunities will make your message irresistible.

Switching Is Easy

Our papers run like regular paper and are printable like conventional papers. You can continue to work with your current direct mailing partners.

High Gloss

Our envelope papers have stunning high gloss without the use of any plastics.

envelope Features

The direct mail envelope is both the easiest and hardest part of every direct mail package. It plays a huge role in determining whether your direct mail package gets opened or trashed.

Brilliance to increase attractiveness


Metallized paper developed in-house


Holographic and ultra shine finish available


Stunning gloss with ZERO plastics


Lower cost than other printing techniques


For Brand Owners

We have been driving consumer engagement for over 40 years and are reputed for empowering brands’ sales and marketing projects with eye-catching metallized papers.

For Direct Mailing Agencies

The extensive and unbeatable design opportunities make our metallized paper extremely usable, your design unforgettable and your clients’ mailing successful.

For Envelope Producers

Your large direct mail clients will appreciate the extensive design opportunities our paper offers and the improved response results of the direct mailing campaigns.

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The best way to describe our metallized envelopes?
The envelope that gets opened!

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