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Metallized Film 
makes products

premium and stand out

Shiny metallized packaging and wrapping help attract the consumer’s attention, while raising a product’s image to premium status.

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Personal and home care products

Packaging for electronic products

Showcase decoration

Media and editorial



Let Your premium product stand out
from the crowd

Our metallized film offers design freedom, is customizable and engineered to protect products while increasing visibility.

More and more, brands seek unique ways to present their products in attractive packaging and wrapping that increases shelf appeal.

Our metallized film offers the opportunity to make brands stand out.


Our holographic patterns are used to create exciting packaging designs manufactured in a wide variety of colours. 

Enhance customer engagement

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.  A glossy, shiny look enhances the marketing impact of the packaging of your products.


Our metallized film products offer a range of packaging and wrapping color options with various barrier and sealing properties. This not only means flexibility in design options, but also increased product security and product visibility amongst other products.

Added value

High shelf attractiveness due to its distinct metallic and glossy finish.

Metallized Film Benefits

Our metallized films are widely used for different end-use applications. The primary benefits of our metallized film is that it enhances consumer engagement by adding a greater sparkle to packaging, while offering good barrier properties cost-efficiently.


The reflective silvery surface boosts your product’s shelf-appeal instantly

Different weights and formats available:

  • MetalFILM Susceptor: 16.8 g/m²
  • MetalFILM Decorative: 200 micro and 400 micro


Metallized film is a cost efficient replacement of foil laminates for products such as snack foods and candy that do not require the superior barrier of aluminium foil.

Benefits for brandowners

Enjoy a wide range of marketing and design options and give your brand a premium look cost efficiently.

Benefits for printers

Our metallized films are easy to work with as they are printable in nearly all technologies. 

Benefits for converters

Our metallized films are suitable for processing on all major types of machinery. We provide specialist advice on accommodating film within the conversion process.

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