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in-mold LABELS
A First lasting impression starts here

Beautiful, efficient and durable: IML has it all. A great versatile packaging solution that offers countless branding possibilities and technical benefits improving the shelf life of products and helping reduce food waste.


Food containers
Household goods

Injection Mold
Blow Mold



Improve your consumers’ experience with this unique versatile packaging solution that has extensive branding possibilities and improved technical features.

in-mold label benefits

Improve your consumers’ experience by
great looks, an improved shelf life and an extended product life.
Yes, correct. All this happens when switching to our IML labels.
Increase shelf appeal with our IML label.

Let your consumers enjoy your product longer and in better conditions.

Consumer experience

Using metallized paper increases your product’s shelf life. It prevents light, including UV, from shining through the package. Your consumers may enjoy your product longer while reducing food waste.


Using metallized paper broadens supply chain through independency of print technology


Metallic look conveys an image of value.

Responsible choice

Metallized paper enables packaging material elimination through container thickness and overall weight reduction. Metallized paper is also produced using a sustainable resource, rather than using plastics.

High gloss

Metallized paper offer a high gloss finish for a premium look.



Our labels have been developed and tested to ensure that brands are showcased at their finest. They are specially designed to meet your needs for:


Good Looks

Leaving a lasting impression


Possible with nearly all printing technologies


Prevents light shining through, extends shelf life (IR/UV barrier)


Meeting industry and regulatory requirements


Metallized paper offers material saving and weight reduction


Sustainable and recyclable alternative to film and foil

Available in 2 lines

Injection Mold and Blow Mold

Benefits for Printers

Our metallized paper is easy to work with. It runs like regular paper and is printable in nearly all technologies Printers enjoy operational efficiencies, such as excellent print graphics. The Blow Mold line additionally offers superb lay flat properties.

Benefits for Brandowners

Surprise your consumers with an improved experience of your product and brand. Metallized paper increases shelf life and reduces food waste. It is also a complete sustainable resource and helps reduce the weight and materials of the packaging.

With the extensive design possibilities of our paper you will be able to drive consumer engagement and convey an image of value.

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