metallized labels

metallized face stock for PRESSURE SENSITIVE LABELsĀ 

let your label be as unique as your brand story

Let your label be as unique as your brand story, even when using one of the most common labelling methods.

Stand out in competitive markets with our high gloss and smooth surface labels.


Pressure sensitive



Stand out from competition with a label that gets noticed.

Key benefits

Our pressure sensitive labels make you stand out from competition with unparalleled high gloss finish and surface smoothness.

As the most popular labelling method, pressure sensitive labels have it all.

They are self-adhesive and multifunctional.

They are compatible with almost any container material, shape or product type.

Distinguish yourself from competition and enjoy our high gloss finish and optimal surface smoothness.

Excellent print graphics

Discover the power of metallization to enhance your consumer engagement.

Smooth surface

Our labels are reputed for their high level of surface smoothness.


Our pressure sensitive labels are compatible with a wide range of printing technologies. We also offer a variety of widths to support the converting base.


Improve your brand positioning via a metallic look that conveys an image of value.

High gloss

We offer high gloss finish to ensure a premium look.

Holographic solutions

For stunning graphic results, holographic solutions are available. Our extensive library includes a wide variety of standard and custom holographic imagery.

Pressure Sensitive Label Features

Our labels have been developed and tested to ensure that brands are showcased at their finest. They are specially designed to meet your needs for:


Good Looks

Leaving a lasting impression with high gloss and smoothness


Compatible with a wide range of printing technologies


Reliable and high-quality assured


Meeting industry and regulatory requirements


Striking the balance between economy and quality


Sustainable and recyclable alternative to film and foil

Variety of widths

Available in different widths to support the converting base


Designed to meet the specific needs of different industries

Benefits for Printers

Our metallized paper is easy to work with. It runs like regular paper and is printable in nearly all technologies.

Benefits for Brandowners

Increase your brand visibility and stand out from competition with metallized paper. Our pressure sensitive labels offer limitless design possibilities, high gloss and a great surface smoothness.

As global leader in holographic solutions, we additionally offer a robust library of patterns with the ability to create customized holographic designs. .

Start enjoying our high-quality and high-performing labels today and additionally benefit from our production-focused support.

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