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More than ever are we focused on helping premium brands to wrap and protect their story with metallized paper in an environmental friendly way.

With four manufacturing facilities around the world (Belgium, Italy, the US and Brazil), AR Metallizing is now a global supplier with a local presence. Moreover, its large product portfolio, 450 highly dedicated employees and first-class services make it a flexible and reliable supply chain partner for many of the world’s largest multinationals and reputed brands.



SilberBoard™ launch

AR Metallizing introduces SilberBoard™, a sustainable and free of plastic board packaging.




Málaga Produtos Metalizados acquisition

AR Metallizing further solidified its leadership position in 2015 by acquiring Málaga Produtos Metalizados. Málaga is a high-quality manufacturer of labeling products in Brazil and a market leader in the Latin American region.

With this expansion into Brazil, AR Metallizing has increased its presence in the world’s fastest-growing market for labeling and packaging. This acquisition also ensures a solid and reliable supply chain for current and future customers in Latin America.


Acquisition by Nissha

AR Metallizing became a full subsidiary of the Japanese multinational Nissha Co., Ltd. in 2015. Nissha’s roots date back to 1929.

The multinational is listed on the Tokyo stock exchange and is highly regarded for its technological leadership. Given its solid position in developing innovative printing technologies, Nissha is the ideal partner for AR Metallizing. Because AR Metallizing is well embedded in Nissha’s corporate structure, they are both able to capitalize on each other’s specific technical and commercial knowledge. This ensures a stable and promising future.


Vacumet acquisition

AR Metallizing expands its global footprint by acquiring Vacumet, which is based in the US and highly regarded for its R&D department and holographic technology.

Due to this acquisition, AR Metallizing has grown from the European market leader into a global market leader in the production of metallized paper for labeling and packaging solutions. It also continues to expand and diversify its product portfolio. AR Metallizing’s products have rapidly gained an excellent reputation for their aesthetic appearance, functionality and printing friendliness.


Rotoflex acquisition

Alupa acquired Italian based Rotoflex and formed AR Metallizing. Their joint know-how lead to rapid diversification and the businesses expanded.

Metallization plant in Belgium

A new metallization plant was built in Genk (Belgium) and rigorous investments were made in high-speed machinery, high-volume varnishing and improved metallization lines.

The pioneering years

AR Metallizing’s history starts in 1975 with the founding of the Belgium printing house Illochroma, a reputable label printing company.  This major printing house started the development of metallized labels in 1986 in a spin-off company called Alupa.  Together these companies developed the varnish know-how and established a high quality leadership.

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