Hot new look for trusted cold brand

Broncochem, Dominican Republic’s leading cold remedy brand, wanted to draw attention on store shelves while continuing to build its trusted brand. Magnachem, the makers of Broncochem, wanted to take it a step further and find gorgeous packaging that could also serve as a reliable solution for counterfeiting.

 Tackle counterfeiters

Broncochem started as one of the most widely prescribed cold remedy brand in the Dominican Republic and went on to become the largest non-prescription cold product in its country. Its initial popularity drove Magnachem to shift to an over-the-counter brand backed by the years of research. As a pillar of safety and effectiveness in treating colds, Magnachem was a target for counterfeiters looking to mimic its packaging.

When it was time to update its packaging, Magnachem looked at metallized paper as the ideal packaging solution. “As the market for Broncochem grows, we need to keep up with great packaging”, says Pedro Jimenez, Marketing Manager at Magnachem. “Not only for good looks, but for brand identity to clients and copy resistant to deflect look-alike brands.”

Looking for great packaging

Magnachem turned to its always reliable printer Padilla, not only because of their expertise in printing, but because its ability to deliver solutions to customers. Padilla knew AR Metallizing from a long relationship of supplying beer labels, holographic paper and other unique packaging options. Padilla brought AR Metallizing in to see what holographic solution it could offer to Magnachem that would give the company the enhanced packaging it sought out for the Broncochem cough syrup line.

Made-to-measure solution

For an additional security layer, Magnachem chose holographic packaging instead of a holographic sticker because of the enlarged custom hologram feature the holographic packaging deliveredBroncochemWithCallouts. To get to the final holographic design, AR Metallizing presented several different custom holographic design concepts to Magnachem. For a stronger selection, AR Metallizing also offered different opaque white ink treatments to show the hologram in various intensities ranging from a lot of white ink treatment to very little white ink treatment. By doing this, AR Metallizing was able to give Magnachem various prototypes that helped them visualize what Magnachem wanted for the finalized design. The final HoloPRISM® holographic pattern chosen has the Magnachem logo incorporated several different ways to the print to register holographic pattern. The result was a sturdy front and center hologram on the top of the package set against a white motion rainbow to give subtle movement on the background while giving focus to the holographic Magnachem logo. The bottom half of the package took a portion of the M logo and enlarged it showing the map showing the Caribbean area with the Magnachem logo repeated over it. This resulted in a look that was eye-catching, yet elegant and sophisticated. The new holographic packaging also conveys the high-quality product Broncochem is known for with its buyers.

Development stage

During the development stage of this project, Padilla qualified AR Metallized laminated metallized paperboard by doing a simple sample run. Padilla ran full laminated board samples through its printing process with an older iteration of the final hologram design.

This solidified to Padilla how smoothly AR Metallizing HoloPRISM® holographic metallized paper runs throughout the whole printing process. The printer took this sample run through the full press run process from the printing, gluing, folding and filing for added assurance. This extra care in the production process enabled Magnachem to see what the hologram would look like with high quality press graphics printed on it.

Shelf evaluation

With samples in-hand, Magnachem was able to conduct a retail shelf evaluation. “This step was key in helping Magnachem choose the final hologram design and for deciding on the white ink treatment to go with the print graphics,” said Henry Burns, AR Metallizing sales agent working on the project.

Magnachem’s final package conveyed high quality through its holographic design, further boosting its trusted brand while attracting the eye of consumers. “With the launch into the market on August 2014,” Jimenez reports, Marketing Manager, Magnachem, sales are great and the new packaging is very well received.”

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