Top selling condiments use metallized labels

Condiments are beloved the world over. Hot dogs, sausages, and deli sandwiches all cry out for a little extra to enhance the dining experience. Many of the top selling condiment brands are labeled with metallized paper for a more striking shelf presence and immediate brand appeal.


Shiny stuff sells

Metallized paper has been shown to connect most with consumers. Testing via Nielsen NeuroFocus revealed a stronger intent to purchase and an increased memory affiliation with labels featuring metallized paper in comparison with labels using white paper. It’s no real surprise that “shiny stuff sells”, but in this case, in the nanosecond when your brain makes connections, it’s clear that metallized paper is the consumer preference.

The top selling ketchup brand uses metallized paper

Heinz, manufacturer of the top selling ketchup brand, has used metallized papers for line extensions of Ketchup made with Balsamic Vinegar and Ketchup made with jalapeno peppers. Given Heinz’s dominant market share, use of a unique label stock allows these flavors to stand out on the shelves while print graphics remain connected to the traditional brand.

Other top condiments brands use metallized papers

Traditional staples like Heinz vinegar adhere to the metallized trend. Ketchup’s spicy cousin, hot pepper sauce, markets with an enticing metallized design as well. For years, neck labels of bottles of McIlhenry’s Pepper Sauce have been adorned with embossed metallized paper. Mustards, too, can be found relying on metallized paper to win over consumers and promote the high value and quality of the products.

Global supplier of metallized and holographic papers

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