A Label To Reflect Your Brand

Metallized paper increases shelf appeal, which in turn drives sales.

AR Metallizing Brings Value to Beer Labels

Metallized paper increases shelf appeal, which in turn drives sales. AR Metallizing metallized paper gives the look of being the premium brand and positioning in the fastest growing segment of the beverage industry.

AR Metallizing Metallized Beer Label Paper Satisfies Both the Converters and End Users

Offset and Gravure Label printers will enjoy:

  • Higher line speed; perfect printability
  • Useable for ALL applications, so lower inventories
  • Lower waste ratios
  • Flatness in all conditions
  • Longer lifetime of cutting knives

Brewers will enjoy:

  • Faster machine set up
  • Higher productivity / line speed
  • No curling
  • Lower glue consumption
  • Lower waste ratios
  • Fast wash off / no pollution of washing bath
  • Better appearance (gloss, less wrinkles…)

How Metallized Paper Influences The Labeling Characteristics

Metallized paper is a technical paper and its quality has a direct impact on the labeling and recycling performance in the brewery industry:

  • Flatness
  • Stability in high moisture conditions
  • Low reactivity in wet conditions (no flagging)
  • No wrinkles
  • Low pollution during recycling process (high ink retention)
  • Fast removal from the bottle (fast wash off time)

Metallized Paper Is An Easy Option To Work With

Metallized Labels from global supplier AR Metallizing are printable in Rotogravure, Flexography, web and sheet fed press. ARM metallized labels are printable with UV or conventional inks. Printers can use readily available inks, including white to optimize visual effects. AR Metallizing metallized papers are also available in sheets or rolls.   Contact AR Metallizing to see how ARM can enhance your brand.

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