HoloPRISM® Custom Holography

Custom holography can be created to differentiate your package, providing unique and one of a kind shelf appeal. Our Creative Services Department can produce holograms to fit your design requirements.

AR Metallizing’s award-winning Creative Services can help you choose the right custom hologram to fit perfectly with your brand.   AR Metallizing offers the following types of holography:

Kinetic/Surface Diffractions Gratings 

These patterns are made up of “rainbow” diffraction images.  They create colorful effects and motion.


White Motion Holography

These patterns are more of a diffused, white effect rather than bright rainbow.


No Color Holography

This effect is generated with a proprietary technique and provides designers alternatives to surface diffractions and white motion holography.  This can provide a more subdued, elegant look for a customer’s project.

2D/3D Holography

These holographic images demonstrate true depth based on the spacing of different layers of flat artwork.

3D Holography

These are true, full three-dimensional holograms created from a one-to-one scale model.

A few more examples of custom holographic treatments:

Custom design using 2 different techniques; no color holography for RO and kinetic/surface gratings for background and back page.

Semi-custom pattern created using an existing kinetic design and customizing it for the book cover.

Custom pattern created using kinetic/surface gratings for ornaments and white motion for background.

Contact AR Metallizing for more information on how custom holography can work for you.