Holographic paper

Benefits of HoloPRISM® Holographic Paper

Metallized papers and holographic papers have been shown to visually enhance packaging, promotions and advertising. By appealing to base human instincts, these technologies have contributed to increased sales, enhanced collectible value and stronger brand identities.

Holographic papers offer enhancements to these properties over traditional media:

  • Reflective materials are “brighter than white”
  • Holographic images “move” while passing through retail settings (without complicated motors)
  • Holographic finishes offer real and surreal color palette
  • Unique-patented process
  • High speed, high volume process
  • Duplicate product line to supplement the silver paper line
  • Extensive library of patterns and unique imagery

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HoloPRISM® Holographic Paper is Eye-catching

Holographic finishes have a brightness that draws consumers in with a look that consumers associate with high quality and value. Holographic movement has enhanced brightness (reflective) to draw a consumer across the aisle. The movement leads to a “pick-me-up-and-investigate” response.

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Experts in Shelf Appeal

AR Metallizing’s Creative Services provides brand development support to create outstanding metallized and holographic products that stand out in store shelves.

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HoloPRISM Paper Pattern Library

HoloPRISM holographic paper is available in over 100 stock patterns, images and designs. ARM can also work with you to create custom imagery to get a truly unique look.  Come take a look at some of our most popular patterns,

The Security Aspect of Using Holographic Imagery from ARM

AR Metallizing has patented technology to create a hologram for security purposes in our HoloSECURE® line of holographic metallized papers. HoloSECURE® papers are designed with functional properties to fit a variety of applications. Unique chemical and physical properties add authentication power and security features to packaging and promotions.

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Covert Imagery

Covert imagery is invisible to the naked eye. Only when illuminated with a specific laser light does it become visible. The hologram is coded to respond to the light and project a unique image or code. AR Metallizing patents this type of presentation. Counterfeiters offering strong evidence of tampering or fakes easily overlook these covert features.

Covert imagery offers the following benefits:

  • A more complex hologram – very difficult to simulate
  • Higher level of brand protection – strong connection to package art
  • Extremely difficult to alter – cannot be easily duplicated

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Contact AR Metallizing for more information on how HoloPRISM® holographic papers can enhance your brand.