Metallized textiles and substrates

Customized solutions – often patented – leveraging functionality of coating & metallizing

We are proud to have provided the base material for the visually stunning roof constructions at the Bangkok International Airport.

AR Metallizing as the leading global provider of specialty technical coatings, can metallized woven and non woven substrates to create a product with various aesthetic and functional properties.

It can be applied for various aesthetic and functional properties:

Aesthetic Properties:

  • Glass fibers for sport product
  • Glass fibers for automotive components
  • Architectural textiles

Conductivity Properties:

  • Antistatic carpets
  • Packaging of electronics
  • Electro smog barrier substrates
  • IR reflective covers
  • Satellite receivers

Radiation Properties:

  • UV/Sun reflecting textiles like the Bangkok Airport as seen above
  • Fire retarding garments and architectural textiles.