Recyclable alternative to film laminate

Metallized Paperboard Laminate Is An Excellent Alternative to Film/Foil Laminated Board

The environment plays an important role than ever before in how people think about packaging, not only the design, but also the materials selected. Metallized paper from AR Metallizing is a great choice for packaging today. AR Metallizing’s metallized papers offer a way to achieve a distinctive, metallic finish on the packaging of your products with only a fraction of the aluminum content.

100% Re-pulpable

Research done by the Centre Technique du Papier in Grenoble has proven ARM’s metallized paper laminated board is 100% re-pulpable in contrast to the traditional film laminates (*Sommerville classification).


Substantial Converting Savings*

  • Converters will notice a cost savings of 20% because of increased efficiency in their production lines while running metallized paperboard compared to metallized PET.
  • Lamination runs faster by better reel tension management
  • Reduction in glue curing time (oven energy & time savings)
  • Reduction of waste during the process

Faster die cutting, higher in quality and reduced knife consumption

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*Based on a period over 18 months of industrial application, with regular comparative testing

Lamination Material is Universally Printable

ARM’s metallized paper is top coated with a universally printable proprietary varnishes while film is limited to UV technology. ARM’s metallized paperboard laminate runs easily through the presses since it behaves just like white paperboard laminate. It also brings a broader supply base since the base is paper not film.

Summary of Key Benefits of the Metallized Paper Laminate

The use of metallized paper laminated to board enables the converter to reduce the cardboard quality to the lowest grade in the market while being able to keep its strength. The metallized-laminated paperboard is 100% re-pulpable. Using metallized paperboard versus metallized film paperboard increased the lamination process efficiency by up to 20%. MVTR Barriers can also be achieved through ARM’s coating technology. All the benefits are also applicable when using ARM’s HoloPRISM® holographic metallized paperboard laminate.

Metallized Paper Is An Easy Option To Work With

Metallized Labels from global supplier AR Metallizing are printable in Rotogravure, Flexography, web and sheet fed press. ARM metallized papers are printable with UV or conventional inks. Printers can use readily available inks, including white to optimize visual effects. Contact AR Metallizing to see how ARM can enhance your brand.





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