AR Metallizing introduces SilberBoard, a recyclable board alternative to packaging.

What is SilberBoard?

SilberBoard is a metallized paperboard and a fully sustainable alternative to the commonly used multilayer composite board comprising metallized polyester.

SilberBoard has a distinctive eye-catching brilliant, metallic finish and outstanding technical capabilities. As a result, SilberBoard enables premium brands to maintain their trusted look eliminating plastics films and providing an environmental responsible package.

Why use SilberBoard?

  • Drive consumer engagement
  • A premium high quality look to your package and product
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to laminated metallized polyester films (SilberBoard is fully recyclable contains 0% plastics)
  • Greater shelf appeal setting your brand apart from competition on busy store shelves
  • Security protection against counterfeit

The story of SilberBoard

Media attention for plastic pollution affecting lands, waterways, oceans and wildlife has led to increased consumers’ awareness of the impact of plastics on the environment.

This is evident in current market trends as consumers favor environmentally friendly packaging. At the same time, packaging needs to look good, reflect brand values and remain functional.

At AR Metallizing we recognize the importance of sustainability, as well as the functional and aesthetical importance of packaging for consumers in their buying behavior.

For this reason AR Metallizing has developed SilberBoard.

Types of SilberBoard

SilberBoard meets the requirements for a wide variety of consumer-packaged goods like beverage, food, personal care and laundry care products. 5 different types of SilberBoard have been developed:

SilberBoard UltraShine

SilberBoard UltraShine enables premium brands in cosmetics, food and FMCG to launch successful primiumization strategies with a high gloss packaging solution. SilberBoard UltraShine has been especially developed for exclusive, limited or festive editions.

SilberBoard WhiteBack

SilberBoard WhiteBack has been developed to optimize FMCG, over-the-counter, personal care and food industries’ branding facilities. Due to a printable backside, SilberBoard WhiteBack has extensive design and marketing possibilities.

SilberBoard GreyBack

SilberBoard GreyBack drives consumer engagement cost efficiently. This recycled board with an uncoated backside has been especially developed for the FMCG industry.

SilberBoard LightWeight

SilberBoard LightWeight is the greenest, premium packaging solution for lighweight folding boxes. It has been developed for the food, FMCG and over-the-counter industries.

SilberBoard Carrier

SilberBoard Carrier carries premium food and beverages brands to the next level. It enhances shelf appeal and sets brands apart from competition on busy store shelves. SilberBoard Carrier improves brand awareness by matching brands’ labels with its packaging.

Try out SilberBoard

Curious to find out how your brand looks and feels when it is packaged with SilberBoard? Contact AR Metallizing to have a free mock-up SilberBoard sample, completely personalized to your brand.

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